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Friday, March 03, 2006

vino wants yellow

nabbing 2nd in the Murcia TT by 10 seconds?
mmm ... that's makin' me think leTour.
But for some reason, Vino's pic makes me think
of a spandexed covered duck.

Cool Vsnooze pics to compare TT positions o' da proseys.
Check out Rich ~ that's makin' my 'nards ache just looking at it, yo.


Dan Cleary said...

prosey position? dude, i'm still pondering floyd's dealio at ToC. that was some whack TT stylin'

can't wait to see the local p 1/2 posing that style at the NVGP

Nome Agusta said...

Vicioso, now that is a cool name.

Chico Cyclist said...

Lori wanted to let you know that she thought the duck was way more cute.

It's been a long week....