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Sunday, March 05, 2006

PAB wins! ... and H-bomb fizzles

Jeffrey P won the McLane geezer crit with sprint-alicious style. It was so damn boss. It really was an amazing field we had there, too - couple world champs, more than a few national champs, state champs o' course, and just an all around fast and aggressive field. We BagBoys were very, very satisfied.

In the road race, me = not so smart.

I bonked my way right out of the race and into oblivion. It was only through the assistance of my awesome teamys and my woman for life that I made it through without puking all over my bibs. Gracias con frijoles, alles.

what a rookie manuever.

ah well, there's always the next race.



Velo Bella said...

You, Jeff and the entire Safeway team had an impressive weekend. I enjoy watching them race and I enjoy their company.

Good stuff.

PAB said...

miss bella, the feeling is very very mutual.

As for the H-Bomb, words cannot describe the effort you put in on Saturday. Truly magnificent.

For those that got to see it, THAT is how to lead out a teammate.

Thanks m, for everything...

Miss Mary said...

we still love you mike.

and I'm so happy to get to know the safeway team, haven't meet a nicer bunch of biker fellas

Anonymous said...

greetings from an ex mate..and fellow bonker...its tough to ride that far and blow up with a bottom ten..lots of excuses..lots of fun..lots of deep thoughts that kept the legs churning...looking forward to more fun!!!

X Bunny said...

"fizzled" does not sum up your race weekend at all

"awesome" would be the word i would use

i think you better sit down and write out 5 things you did well while racing this weekend

Nome Agusta said...

It was a good race today. Brutal conditions.

MSassy said...


Mikey you did exactly what you said you would in the crit and with class.

I saw the aftermath today but hey thats bike racing and I'm sure you wont make that mistake again any time soon.

PAB, I didn't get to say so after the GP but Damn Fine Job, Eh.

I'm just sorry I missed the Brews you were tippin after the RR.


VeloRainDog said...

i feel yer pain. cold wooden legs sent me otb halfway through the race.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

vb = last wo[man] standing in a hellacious pile-up o' spandex n bike parts. well done, my darling. And, good racing after the long road back from injury. I'm so happy. I love you.

pab = da' man, my bud, the brudda.

misMaria con frijoles = our favorite chicka. the BagBoys got somethin' for you (as appreciation-like of your uber-awesome support and also 'cause ur so dang sweet).

a-Nony-mouse: you said it, amigo. but, we made it glorious none-da-less. summer climbey's are gonna be too, too fun. you know what i like.

xbun = one helluva a racer in the making. who'd a thunk it? i just wanted to have company for the Bruno death climb ... and now, i gotta worry about you sprinting me at the county lines? shyte. good job, hunny-bunny.

broMay = good work by the EMC crew. Mighta been the best yet. You guys are gellin'. Damn good to see.

mcSassy = the beers always there. I'm lookin' forward to when the temps crush the triple digits in your part of the world ... maybe it'll keep you guys from training. Nice frickin' work from the CVC train.

- - -

Good times is what it's all about, folks. Hutch went ballistic this weekend in honor and memory of our fallen friend, the Plummer.

That's the good stuff.

Life's frustrations, set-backs, moments of waddle-dom ... they are nothing but a few grains of wind-blown sand ... occassionally buffeting our faces into slight grimaces, or making us squint up the eyes in what we think is protection.

But ~ it's all puffery ... and without substance.

I think i gotta choose to open up and smile at the day. I gotta choose to look clearly at the world and appreciate just how wonderful life is ~ and how lucky i am.

gracias, my friends. And hey, let's meet some knew ones.

the hippie-commune dwellin, pink-socked, uber goof hernanadork.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

v-dog = that start was just plain nasty.

otb = me, but a few miles later.

see you at the next'un, yo.

Jed said...

Can I please get ONE schmoop-free post?


We missed a 11 person break sunday. D.S. even called it, mile marker and everything the night before and morning of the race.

Oh well, still learning.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Jed said = that's a tough field out there, brudda. The girls can look forward to the road tilting up hill. The wind/positioning/flatty-land power stuff takes time to develop. Most of your girls just need time and experience.

it'll come, baby. just be patient and supportive. and, expect progress.

the climbers will shine soon enough, yo. there is natural talent in those women legs n' lungs. These early NRC's are all about the big horses and experienced guns.

it'll come.

X Bunny said...

it was a seriously schmoopy weekend
and it seems to be carrying over into the week

so i think you're out of luck jed

Reed Maxwell said...

OV- Glad you are coherent today, that was one scary-ass bonk. As hard as it was back in the pack, I can only imagine the carnage in the break! Good weekend of racing, Pab and OV (and others, BM-your crew was hammering yesterday!) lots of fun. MM and other bellas, thanks for the feedzone support and post race food!

Velo Bella said...

And as long as Jen is okay...

Nome Agusta said...

Thanks for the props. Just wish I had stayed a little closer to Walker. Dude bridged a 1:45 gap. UNREAL.

Reed Maxwell said...

VB, you mean other than making fun of me for coming home w/ glitter? that's, btw, what was missing yesterday.

BM- was that you who was on Walker's wheel when he bridged up to Me, Williams, et al? I found myself on the rollers with only Walker and Williams. Just barely made it over the first one, Walker just stuck it too me on the next one and I went backwards fast. ouch!

Jaws said...


I got the train rollin but I didn't know my guys were going to jump the rails on me. NICE.

Temps in the hunerds are my FaVoRiTe. 80 @ 8am and done by noon.

If I ever get a real job I'm OTB for sure. For now i'ts time to ride.

If you missed my exit from the 2's race on Saturday check it out here.

Sir Crash-a-Lot from RH villa did a left turn on a right bend and I went for a ride.

Using your ass to slow down isnt a good idea just so ya know.


Jed said...


Thanks for the kind words. But fact o the matter is we just missed it. And not helping victory pull it back was just experience and legs.

I know it'll come, sometime. Thanks for the encouragement. There were many proud moments for me this weekend.

Now, re: Jen. She's fine. Small bone chip on her elbow, and a bruised him. All in all not too bad. She'll be back for redlands, probably do some local racing in 2 weeks up in sacramento.

Oh yeah, can you guys stay at my house for land park and zamora RR? I'm right'd be great to have you up for schmoop and dinner. I've a queen sized overpriced aerobed for xbunny and pab too.

X Bunny said...

that's so sweet
i guess i have to be nice to you now

pab said he enjoyed talking to you in the pit

i think we're doing those races but visalia is still in the picture too...

X Bunny said...

sorry on the glitter
i usually opt against it if rain is in the forecast

but you can have a heart or bunny tattoo instead for a smile

Reed Maxwell said...

The bunny tat would be the perfect way to top off our black kit and new disco-white DMT shoes. pure intimidation.

What are we racing this weekend, btw? Fres-No? Back to the 'Ord?

Chico Cyclist said...

Man, I think everyone bonks at least once....and if you're anything like me, at least a few hundred times in a year. In fact, John Allis use to train this way back in the 70s......really smart. Wake up with a low blood sugar, go out and ride 70 miles, then come home and eat. That sounds like misery to me.

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