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Monday, March 13, 2006

my first hand shake ...

with someone in the buff ...

i'm not sure what to think of it ... other than, it wasn't anything that interesting.

hippies are pretty cool, after all.

... santa cruz.



X Bunny said...

a handshake seems pretty formal for a naked person

Dr. X said...

I agree wit dat, why not scoff more (silly) social contracts? I once saw 'naked man' in Berkeley... but he was wearing a banadana around the important parts. It was a chilly day.

McSassy said...

I only have one naked guy in SC story.

It was during the old garden mall crit and there was a nekid guy on a bench calling us all freaks. It was priceless.


X Bunny said...

how much do you pay for heat?

i mean, it's been damn cold lately

until it's warmer, there better be a purpose for me to take my clothes off

kelekelebobelly said...

Hey OLOF...finally I have figured out how to reply to a comment....since Brent walked me through every teeny tiny step because I'm a total more-ron! Please s'explain the Hernando go lightly...

X Bunny said...

he's very spotty on explanations

but sometimes you get lucky

Velojuice said...

Beware of Greeks offering gifts, especially those kind.