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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

me = bad veggie

so, this weekend we had a lil' mexican-food send off after the crits. The Pascuzzi power express recommended a Dinuba dive, and we made it cool with a few friends.

xbunny and da'PAB, however, were very disappointed in me because i didn't stay away from the lard-ified refer beans.

now, i know a pure-bread veggie would shun the profit motives of the animal fat industry ... but, there's just too much messican blood pumping through these veins o' mine to lay off the lard. I mean ... a boy's gotta draw the line somewhere - cute lil' animals, or no.

Sometimes you just need some down-home frijoles, you dig?


PAB said...

dude, I didn't even notice what you were eating. or care.

If you didn't just tell me I'da never known.

and, as we were both so trashed, if you had told me it was an accident, i would certainly have believed you.

so you get a free pass

this time....

Velo Bella said...

The shrimp in my steak quesadilla were really good

PAB said...

Is there really a "Lard Information Council"?

X Bunny said...

"very disappointed in me"

please tell how that was manifested

in your reality


i mean if you need a little manteca, who am i to judge?

pab has that one special leather outfit he won't give up

i'll sniff my coworkers' salami when they aren't looking

everyone draws their own lines

Velo Bella said...

"i'll sniff my coworkers' salami when they aren't looking"


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

first the "orgasmatron foot-massager 10,000" ... and now friendly salami sniffing.

xbunny's got some secret lives, indeed.

X Bunny said...

i'm so transparent

Olaf Vanderhoot said...



...just leave a mighty wake.


... oh jesus, just had a flashback to "flair intimidation"


X Bunny said...

i forgot that part--that was awesome

ok, my next posting

thanks for the reminder

Dan Cleary said...

Maybe the real problem here wasn't the input of the frijoles but the output?