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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

benny j-maynard

ben's in the break at the Tour of Cali.

check out the live coverage on

i hope the brudda wins one, but that chasing group is just too intense.

still ... get that air-time Ben!

ESPN coverage tonite ... somebody record it!


Velo Bella said...

Did you see this?:
12:39 PST
We've just had an email from Ben Jacques-Maynes' wife Goldi. She's reading the live coverage from the finish line. She says "go Ben".


X Bunny said...

i'm just getting details from all your blogs

but it sure is exciting

i can't wait to see it tonight

Velo Bella said...

well, in that case

"13:55 PST 96km/56.7km to go
The gap is holding at 4'55" right now. Getting near the top now.

Current race situation

Mike Creed (TIAA CREF), Mats Kaggestad (Credit Agricole), Ben Jacques-Maynes (Kodak Gallery Sierra Nevada)
Peloton at 4'55"

They are on Calavares...aerial shots are beautiful

PAB said...

I've been watching on the race website. There is intermitent commentary from Bob & Paul. The picture is really choppy though. Channel five vid is much better. Thanks VB!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

boo ... i can't watch the vid.

tell me more when you can ... or just save it up for later.

i like pretty pictures painted with words.


X Bunny said...

oo oo oo
thanks everyone for the updates

pink fishnets said...

makes me want to go ride in the east bay. ay yi yi.

this is so exciting!

"14:13 PST 106km/46.7km to go
The gap has fallen under four minutes. These breakaway riders have done an amazing job so far and they will still have a three minute advantage going onto the climb. Lets see if that will be enough when the climbers put the hammer down."

Velo Bella said...

Its fun watching. It looks all eurotourpro with the helicopter and fans lining the streets. But its neighborhoods and landscapes that you recognize and are intimately knowleageble about.

very cool.

Velo Bella said...

Bunny update:

14:23 PST
The crowds are getting excited on the climb. The break has made the left turn onto Sierra. It goes straight up after they turn left. The road narrows and there are people lining the road three deep on this section. Very steep, looks very similiar to the Manayunc wall in Philadelphia.

14:24 PST
It has to be a 12% grade. It just keeps going and going. Its unbelievable.

14:25 PST
The field has just turned onto the road too. It looks like they're going to catch them. They are about 6km to the KOM right now. At 5km to the KOM it turns a switchback and then kicks up even steeper. This is tough! They weren't joking.

14:26 PST
The riders in the break are out of the saddle. They're working hard.

14:26 PST
The riders in the bunch are also out of the saddle. Its still about an 8% grade at this point. You have an amazing view all over the city from here.

14:27 PST
The break is down to two riders. Ben Jacques-Maynes is just off the back.

gooooo Ben

Velo Bella said...

coverage kicks ass right now..

pack is on the climb

sometimes I wish they'd follow the dropped riders for a while. Thats where the real suffering is.

Velo Bella said...

front group on the climb is about 12 riders...too bad you can't see enough to know who it is....

Velo Bella said...

damn....someone on the front is hitting it....3 guys have just fallen off that dozen

Velo Bella said...

there's some guy runnning alongside them yelling and clapping..just like in the tours. Except, unlike that goofy flappy armed tour running, this guy seems to know how to run. Go running guy!

Velo Bella said...

3 guys are riding away...probably Levi, Julich and some Saunier guy

Velo Bella said...

The helicopter just pulled back and you can see how many people are lining the roads.

If you know someone in cycling in the bay area, they are probably not working right now...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

only 3 won't last 30km to the finish ... not with the TT tomorrow.

they'll want a larger group to tow them to the line, but small enough to keep the big TT boys out da back.

too bad Wegemann is sick for Levi.

he would have been killer help to him. as is, i think Zabriskie will get back on and CSC will take them to the line ... maybe there will be some CSC attacking-shenanigans at the finish if Levi doesn't get any teammates.

seconds will determine the race?

too frickin' cool.

Velo Bella said...

looks like about 12 so far have gathered for the descent...

the descent looks fun..its a pedaling woppdiedoo one

X Bunny said...

you could get a job doing the live coverage for velonews or cyclingnews!

Velo Bella said...

can I still use terms like woopdiedoo?

But I bet the CN reporters can't comment AND reconcile a bank statement at the same time...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

... and scribble lil' love notes, too.


PAB said...

Levi Leipheimer (gerolsteiner), Floyd Landis (Phonak), Bernhard Kohl (T-Mobile)
Chase group of 16 riders at 30"

15K left

my video is out--y'all gettin this?

Velo Bella said... are so getting a love note right now.

I'll scribble it in the sidewalk chalk I just bought at Target

Velo Bella said... is down


Velo Bella said...

"Chopper 5 is refueling, coverage will return shortly"

they need a bigger gas tank on that thing.

Velo Bella said...

There are three Saunier Duval riders in the chase group. Discovery have a Danielson up there, CSC are up there too. The gap is still holding.

15:03 PST
The chase group is growing. They now have 19 riders and they have the three leaders in sight.

15:04 PST 140km/12.7km to go
Still 12km from the finish. It will be hard for them to keep the gap with that large chase group.

15:04 PST
Michael barry and Tom Danielson are setting the pace in the chase group.

15:05 PST
The gap is still holding.

15:06 PST 142.7km/10km to go
Ten kilometers to go now.

15:08 PST
The gap has fallen to only 6" now. It will be a bunch of 22 for the finish.

Unless that chopper went to a Quickie Mart for gas...I dont think it'll be back in time...

PAB said...

break is caught. 22 riders heading to finish--8K to go

pink fishnets said...

you could use woppdiedoo on CN. VN just said "wattage cottage"!

And my presentation just got postponed 15 minutes - woooooo!

"3:02 p.m. In the words of finish line PA announcer Dave Towle, Leipheimer is a "wattage cottage" as he hammers across the flats with Landis on his wheel. A big chase group is coming together behind them. The gap is at 30 seconds."

X Bunny said...

are you kidding
the velonews guys talked about the cows along side the course and other farm animals and wildlife last year ad nauseum

i think a few woopdiedoodoos are way better than that

Velo Bella said...

damn gas inefficient chopper...

PAB said...

last couple K--discovery driving, setting up Hincapie...

Velo Bella said...

oh..its back

but now its just coverage of the outside of the chopper as it rushes back to the scene.

Its like a race to the race, with pretty shots of the view below

now the chopper camera is trying to find downtown San Jose...oop.there it is

X Bunny said...

speaking of love notes

i was told that i was sent one hours ago and it is lost in the earthlink email abyss and i am getting upset about it

Velo Bella said...

uhhh...I think the chopper camera guy is drunk

PAB said...

Hincapie followed by 4 (4??!!) Lotto riders...

PAB said...

George gets the jersey as well...

PAB said...

Sorry for the lost love note.

It was sorta silly anyway.

Here's another:


Velo Bella said...

15:16 PST
They are making a hard right turn. Discovery is completely in control driving this break. Left hand turn now.

15:17 PST 151.7km/1km to go
Under the 1km to go banner. A small gap in the group. Its single file.

15:17 PST
Hard right and then a sweeping left. 500 to go - riders falling off the back.

15:18 PST
Barry driving hard, Levi is in third place. Julich is up there.

15:18 PST
Hincapie takes it followed by four lotto riders.

15:19 PST
George gets a six second bonus for winning which puts his on equal time with Levi!

15:20 PST
The Lotto riders were Cadel Evans and Josep Jufre Pou. Not sure in which order.

Chopper camera is showing random people running around in the scene below

Velo Bella said...

Yay for George.

I bet Jed is dancing in his loafers about this right now

pink fishnets said...

3:18pm georgie wins.

3:25pm my presentation starts.

life's sweet sometimes like that.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

double yay!

that was good cycling coverage ... now i need a shower.

georgie wins, huh?

is he serious about a Tour run?

shyza ... that's just crazy talk. That's more impressive than JaJa's attempts in the mid 90's.

Go Georgie!

... i wonder if benny j-maynard will be able to have enough time to be given reign in another break-away attempt. i wonder if he sat up to get some minutes rope, or suffered over the climb and tried to remain high on the GC.

can't wait to get home tonite and scour the web for results n' pics!

me = bikey nerd xtremus