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Thursday, January 12, 2006


secret training is all good.

i've got the post lunch workout jitters. The off-season is officially over and the regimented life has begun again.

it feels good.


As i sit at my desk and work very hard at trying to work hard, my mind irresistably floats away from the office and gazes back upon the lunchtime pedaling. Each interval is assessed and catalogued. The training is placed carefully and lovingly down with the other puzzle pieces - a satisfying 'lock' together in a small, half-begun corner.

Accompanying this day dream, my mind rambles along in its continual dialogue with her ~ I'm telling her how each stroke felt; what i laughed at during number 6; how i pictured her walking to the shower after our beautiful ride last weekend.

I'm being with her, even if she can't be here.

Secret Training.

now back to work.


X Bunny said...

pab--he might need that help we were talking about

or maybe he's not desperate enough decide

ginmtb said...

Someone told me you were good at sprinting but didn't have the endurance. Perhaps you should mix up your training... long, slow rides up that grinding mountain top so that when you reach the finish you are completely spent, even have some goosebumps, and are extremely happy for taming the mountain (and the mountain is happy too). Then find a nearby bench looking out over the scenic vista and take a nap.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

someone lied to you.

i suck at sprinting.

have no endurance.

and couldn't make a mountain happy if i used 2 gallons of lube.


then again ...

Chico Cyclist said...

I think you're secret training is way cooler than mine!