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Thursday, January 12, 2006

found it, kept it, kilt it

... as i am to these stupid intervals.

the hateful part of it all,
is that i know what it's doing to me.

addiction is a costly thing ~ but what a rush.

- - -

Suffering, to me, is a pool of freezing water we stand balanced on the edge of ... and the prize lies floating in its dark, icey middle.

It turns flesh and muscle to lumpy frozen stumps. It intimidates because of the inevitableness of the deep and binding pain. It must be accepted.

It must be accepted - gladly, knowingly ... and oh, how i loathe it.

The season has officially begun. Bring it.


Chico Cyclist said...

Man, that's cool. I was gonna blow off intervals tonight, but not now. I'm with ya - bring on the vomit launch repeats.

the old bag said...



Olaf Vanderhoot said...

mais oui