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Friday, December 16, 2005

oV's Top-10 SexyCyclista

For 'da babes and AC/DC-types:

10. Klinger - cause you know somebody who gets ink like 'dat digs da party.

9. Simoni - he'd be higher ranked, if'n he wasn't such a big poofter

8. Riis - sorry, but baldy-locks is a hottie.

7. Candeldorkio - this guy blows ... but, come'on - that's one sweet piece of ass.

6. Jack-Maynard "B-train" - fag.

5. Cunego - 'cause you wanna just wrap him up and take him home.

4. Lance - wtf, even though he's only got one nut and has been over-exposed like Madonna's pointy teets ... he's still fukkin hot.

3. the Real Simon[i] - drool F-in central

2. Georgey Boy - i mean, was there ever a question?

1. the one, the only ...

and, for the men-spots:

10. This chick ... whoever she is. She rules me like the stern mistress i hope she is.

9. femme Gaggioli - yeah, bit of a snooty poot, but damn hot.

8. daBlickem - almost as cute as her bro.

7. Mrs. Maile - oy, that picture hurts.

6. Fitzy - dunno why, but she just kills me. I think it's her race face.

5. Simms - yowza.

4. whoever this chick is - Skib, ya dun kilt me.

3. Steller - no gloves, no glasses, all bad-ass. Does anyone else see the roadie potential?

2. Freedman - in a word ... wit. If it weren't for numero uno, there wouldn't be enough drool in my body with Freedman around. She loves to race, writes better'n all, and gives back to the sport. 'nuff said.

1. you know who. mine.



Anonymous said...

who is yours and does she know she's yours?

PAB said...

Allright, if you get any more freakin googly woogly in your posts i'm gonna regurgitate like a jackass.

That photo of Horner was priceless, though...

X Bunny said...

and she needs a photo link

Anonymous said...

right on, x bunny! Olaf, why be so mysterious... share, my friend.

Anonymous said...

O.V., no Basso? For crying out loud, the 'Cats Meow' should not be left of a list as important as this.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oh baby - you're so right. But Ivan is off the charts ... we all know that. He deserves his own list, the Top-10 sexiest parts of Basso.

...i'll leave that to others to determine, though.

And, as for my number 1 ... a boy's gotta have some secrets, eh?


sticky said...

Your mystery chick is Rochelle Gilmore. Not only is she smokin' hot, but she's fast too.

What about Niki Gudex?

She's got naked pics too!

Anonymous said...

Nope... not Rochelle, Olaf wouldn't miss a beauty like her (see #4). Hernando is playing the mysterious card.....

pink fishnets said...

hmmm, i think i count no less than 5 past, present and future bellas in that if there was any doubt who would win the sexiest team award.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yeah, but i'm biased. didn't ride that bull, did you?

pink fishnets said...

would i be on the list if i'd ridden the bull?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that's why i asked.


pink fishnets said... time. who knew the consequences of the decision to-ride-or-not-to-ride the bull could be so far reaching?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

fate is a dirty little bitch, ain't she.


Skibby said...

Not Ivan Basso, his sister Elisa

X Bunny said...

not real

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Steller