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Friday, December 16, 2005


so, here are some of the names i've come across at work:

- Marcy Krust - she's gotta bake.

- Andy Lytle - because it can't be 'Little.'

- David Sytsma - he should really try and get that cleared up.

- Kevin Pikkaraine - how'd you like to cheer for him at the company softball game? 'go pikkaraine!' ... sounds pretty damn lame.

- Kumaran Srimantha - sexy ... like da lotus position.

- Raj Rajabi - not so sexy - sounds a wee pot-belly'ish

- Frank DiFulco - i'd kill for that last name.

- Sven Viken - gotta be blond and beautiful.

- Magirus Patro - a type of tequila?

- Kort og Matrikelstyrelsen - ... i ain't kidden. if i had that handle, i'd go to conventions and reunions just to get to wear a name badge. .... and, of course, i'd just be plain 'ole "og" to my friends.

.... jesus, i gotta get some work done.

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