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Friday, December 09, 2005

meaningful life

yeah, finally put in a full rest week (...well, work week).

no intervals.

no sprints.

no breathing hard (well, maybe a little hard ...)

and now, sweet jaysus ... if i don't get out on the bike for uber-hours this weekend ~ i'll probably start chewing on my wrists.

me thinks the year-end total for racey-races was something like 117.

One-hundred and seventeen entries x $25 per entry (probably pretty close) ...

jaysus - talk about throwin money into the wind. But, i guess it all goes to a good cause -

... my insane cackling shit-eating-grin FUN.

look at the world out there folks ~ it's made up of more suffering and horror than one person could ever comprehend.

We are an undeservingly blessed people ... don't shit on our good fortune by not taking advantage of this pure and completely arbitrary luck of the draw.

... and maybe, just maybe - work in the non-profit field, give money that you can to others, and treat people nice. fuck all, that's a full-time gig.

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