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Friday, December 09, 2005

me likey to trainey

well, it's time again.


never heard of them? that's cause i made that shit up.

'Bout this time last year I got the ole' VO2 maxipad tested ~ not something I would normally do (ever), but I won the test in a race and decided to go just for shits n' giggles. The guy ran a good number of equations on my numbers and gave me the assessment that I ride huge LSD miles.

You know, out there for hours just pedaling along at 18mph like good, classic roadie scum should do during the winter. He said my test definitely showed that I had put in lots of those boro-hours. Yup, he was sure of it.

uh ... yeah.

A HUGE week of training for me is 10 hours. And that happens when I have the stupid idea of doing the Gila or Cascade or something. But, normal-like, I'm just a 1 - 2.5 hour workout kinda guy. I get distracted easily.

So, BASE INTERVALS ... what be they?

I think i read somewhere about 'over-under' intervals and kind o' adapted that concept into this workout.

Basically, it's a longer interval done on the trainer ... always on the trainer. You know, it's dark outside - and it may, or may not, be freezy-mcShrinkage weather.


5 repeats of 10 minute intervals.

warm-up protocol as you desire. for me, i usually set the spin cycle to 'mildly agitating' for 8 - 15 minutes. Then, i'll stretchy-stretchy for a few minutes and hop back on for a couple 'opener' efforts.

1 minute mild effort, 30 second rest (rest = easy spinning ... always)
2 minute little less-mild effort, 45-60 seconds rest
2 - 3 minute even-less mildy effort (uh, is that actually a drop or two of sweat ? crap. And, breathing should finally enter into a bit o' labored camp ... but not too much ... there's no rushy-rush), 1-2 minutes rest ... and then usually a potty-emergency occurs.

10 minute Base Interval = a continuous spin, but split into 3 sections:

Section Uno:

    4 minutes = steady state effort. Now, all you metric-oriented folk will wonder what this effort level should be. Oh, I quantify mine as a percentage of my 20K TT pace. For me, I like to have this first 4 minutes of the interval to be at 75-85% of my TT pace. The earlier in the winter, the lower that number is during this section of the interval. In wattage, perhaps I will average 330w for a 20K - thusly, I'd run around 245 - 280w for the first 4 minutes of the base interval.

    However, I no longer use a power meter ~ I work off of perceived effort. I've been doing this long enough - I know what it all feels like ... and i know what it takes to build form. All you have to do is pay attention, yo!

Section the Second:

    3 minutes = increase effort level to close to, or above 20K TT pace. Again, the effort level depends on what time of year I'm doing these buggers. So, either run it on wattage, or go with perceived effort, or maybe you've got some other metric you'd like to use (bucket 'o sweat gauge?).

    This effort should become quite strenuous as you progress through the 3 minutes. You shouldn't blow up, but this is a vigorous endeavor. Shall I wax-on about my theories on muscular n' cardiovascular adaptation phases ... ?? BORING! Screw that action - this here's a workout that works pretty well for me. So, you can take my thoughts on it as you will [editor's note: 117 races in 2005, 17 wins, 37 podiums, district champ a few times, racey-racey as a cat uno ... and other such ego-tistical statisticals. I'm just a-sharin' my thoughts here, that's all. ...and, they continually go under refinement].

Section San (that's tres for you californicators):

    3 minutes of return to that Section Uno effort level. Now, hear this - Section tres (amigos) be the most vital of these training victuals. In Section 2, you jacked up your system with that harder effort - your breathing became labored, you struggled to maintain concentration (but not too much above TT pace, right? Section 2 should NOT be an all-out effort ... it's a TT pace, or just slightly above ~ think about that, eh?)

    In Section 3 ~ it's all about teaching yourself how to recover from such an effort AND produce more and more power while doing so. It is vital to try and get on task for this final 3 minutes as soon as possible. You may need a few pedal strokes after Section 2 to gather your wits ... but, asap bruddas and sistahs - find your Section 3 effort level and ride it out.

    Breathing, relaxation, technique. Be efficient, always. Efficiency, smoothness, focused relaxation, clarity. Pay attention to your body, every second of every workout.

- - -

End of Interval the First.

Repeat as needed. 3 - 5 of those buggers will get you fitty-fit (well, they get me fitty-fit ... maybe they'll sucky-suck for you ... and, if you race against me, that's goody-good).

As in all workouts, effort level progresses with each repeat. Learn from the first, experiment with the second, learn what you're doing on the 3rd, dig a bit for the fourth, then sacrifice a bit of blood to the dark gods and do 5.

You'll be done for the night. Be sure to ride easy for a few minutes, stretch afterwards, and drink.

At least once per week, all winter long. Yeah, you won't be winning any 4 hour races ... but, how many you gonna do anyway? Hey, it's just what works for me. And it do work.

discipline = fun


Skibby said...

I'm with you dawg, I do similar types of interval workouts in the winter on the old fluid trainer, mixed in with some speed work on the rollers. Since I'm more concerned with points racing I feel that interval workouts mixed in with sprints / speedwork is more helpful to me than all those lsd's. Last winter was the first time I trained this way, and I was better in all disciplines last year, track, crits and even climbing. Thanks for sharing your knowledge....

X Bunny said...

we all did our intervals this were engaged in other endeavors when you shoulda been doing to make up for it you have to spew all this stuff out...ok, I guess that's fine

but, please, don't encourage him, Skibby!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

skibby's photo intimidates me too much. And you should see his plumage.

oy, mama mia!

christ - and the facial freeze you got on that ride.

...'facial freeze' ...sounds like a porno technique, eh?