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Sunday, November 13, 2005

ugly cross

What an ass-whoopin OneSpeedMaile put down on us yesterday at the district champyships.

he was just riding a different race. Ah well.


Onto the single track, it was a group of six that got a nice little gap on the rest of us dipshits stuck refreshing

D'Alusio, Easty, Scatton, OneSpeedMaile, Kaotees, , and Fifield were up 10 seconds halfway through the first lap.

"oh crap"

Behind them, it was carnage. The Boss Howland almost made it across to me (yes, his start was worse then mine), but luckily I was able to stay away from him through the end of lap 1. If he would have made contact, I would not have been able to ditch him.

The six up front were working well together. For the first 3 laps, anytime the pace slacked at all in their group, one of them would stomp on the accelerator and kick it warp speed. Those first 3 laps were fast...stupid fucking geezers.

Eventually, the group disintegrated from an attack by Maile and Scatton. They rode a few minutes together, but even Scatton couldn't hold onto the possessed Maile. The course, if taken at normal speeds, wasn't very technical. However, to win the race - you had to up the velocity so high through all the twists and got real, REAL technical. I haven't had that many double-wheel slides in a long time (and I was LOSING time in every turn to Maile...he is a god). Bottom line, you needed the entire package to win this race - big cornering skills (not me), bit of sand riding finess (definitely not me), and a big-ass motor (ok...that helped me). But when it came down to brass tacks, this was OneSpeedMaile's race - he's an artist on that som'bitch single of his.

After the 3rd lap, the inevitable roadie-engine began to kick into gear and I started picking off the evil coterie of six that had dropped me at the start. Kaotees had a rock hard crash after a whoopdedoo on the south side of the course. Lord, it looked like it hurt - he didn't even get a chance to clip out - just slammed his self onto packed dirt like a cadaver hitting the slab. But, since he was the one doing most of the hammering to keep the group of 6 away...there wasn't too much sympathy to be had from me. Besides, he's won like 12 frickin cross races this year, so screw him.

Next to come back was D'Alusio...but, he is such a gawdamn sweetie-pie you can't but want him to ride with you. We hooked up and rode across to the next two geezers, Eastwood and Fifield. The Reno boys were cool to watch - smooth and committed. Thank the buddha that Easty took a little spill on an innocuous turnout or we'd have never overtaken them. Of course, being from Reno, Easty shot back up like the viagra and rejoined D'Alusio and me. Fifi got gapped off just a hair and so it was only Scatton and Maile in front of our chasing threesome.

The bell lap came waaaaay too soon for my needs. The second I heard them call out that it was the final lap, I knew the race was over. Maile had put at least 10 seconds into me in the previous 2 laps. What an animal. Scatton was coming back fast, but even if I'd have made contact with him on the long road section, he still would have spanked me in the twisty-turnies. I probably could have sprinted past him through the running section before the finish, but it would have been tight.

But, that's all snot and bother because I never caught him. So, in the end, it was OneSpeedMaile crushing us all for the Title. Scatton finished a solid 2nd and is looking to place well in the final two US GrandPrix events next weekend. Good on him. After Jesse, it was me kissing the bronze, then D'alusio and Easty rounding out the top-5. We got it handed to us, but we all had a good time. That's what I love about masters racing - it's smashmouth violence when you're racing, but everyone jokes and laughs about it all afterwards.



Watsonville next week! And then, it's one last weekend of crossey-cross for me. Just TommyS Pilarcitos series finals. Then, it's time for the '06 road season, baby. yahooey!

outta para rida. Morgan Territory, she is calling me.


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