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Thursday, November 10, 2005


"For training, the most important days during the week are Monday, Tues, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Yes, everyday is a training day.

Mon = light spin to work and back. Commute = 45 - 60 min. No efforts at all.

Tues = commute + 40 - 60 minutes of light sprints. 4 to 7 is all that are done.
Sprint intensity is rarely full-speed. Usually, there is still pain from the weekend's crossey-cross. Therefore, these are light sprints concentrating on form, relaxation, breathing, smooth acceleration.

Wed = commute + 30 - 60 minutes of intervals. Interval = 2 minute @ 100 - 120+% of TT pace, 1 min complete rest. Done in sets, or sometimes just straight through the time. There's a thesis to be written on this workout. Varied terrain, psychological speed, harnessed rabidity.

Thu = light commute. very light - but, if it's off the

Fri = 30 - 45 minutes of uber-light pedaling, then 3 - 5 technique sprints.
These sprints are from 25 - 50 seconds. Power is not derived from torque.
It is efficiency that produces power.



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