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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Saturday's D-Champyships will be #110 of muddafukkin '05. gawd, so much wicked fun -

Jan - burst it open with Bruno, then fly in style at Patterson
Feb - limp at Cherry pie, rule SoCal like a bunch of cracked pimps
Mar - the McLane wars...epic, no quarter given
Apr - fuck Redlands. fuck Redlands in the ass with a jackhammer.
May - all the Hills. good month.
Jun - Nez/NevCity...nuff said
Jul - jerseys as far as the eye can see
Aug - Cal Cup - bigD & H'do show
Sept - spiteful and savored revenge upon HeathNut's Sayers will be had in '06 for his stealing my D-Crit jersey at SantaCruz.

look for my blur,
look for my blur and don't open that mouth
cause i may just spit.

Oct - shit...cross already?
and now,

Nov - sinful SurfSity
Dec - ending with TommyS?


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