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Friday, December 28, 2007

VelOnion III

Phelan Considering Interview with Maxim Magazine

World famous mountain bike racer and pioneer Jacquie Phelan has been asked to interview with Maxim Magazine for a "Women of Sport" series in Spring '08. Maxim editor Rod Little noted that he has been a huge fan of Phelan for years, and that she would be a perfect fit for the magazine. "With her recent Velonews site-of-the-day, her single-speed worlds write up in Dirt Rag and her even more impressive Nostra donna del fango calendar, Phelan is hot again," noted Little.

Phelan is considering Pt Reyes National Park as the photo shoot location. "I have always been fascinated by the movements of the Tule Elk, and would love to ride one. The flow, the momentum; it would be like a Mark Weir pump track", noted Phelan. When asked if she would award herself her prestigious golden testicle award for working with Maxim, Phelan paused briefly then said, "I think I will give myself two, as it will take balls to ride an elk."

-- Today's cycling news brought to you by Karl Rover


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Maxim will make her shave (face, legs, armpits, whatever!)?

She will definately take the sexy right out of that issue (except for the stinky hippies)!

X Bunny said...

J's got some flair