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Monday, December 10, 2007

thanks russel



MarkS said...


Its all a bike ride..........


Tyler said...

Thanks for that 6 minutes of bliss while I study for finals. Now if only they had mixed in some skinny tires....

Here's to riding your bike!

Anonymous said...

that's how i end all my rides.

TreBone said...

OV... I was both swept away and disgusted at the same time. I mean, I was totally feeling the riding- Just getting up, hitting the road, cruising

...but then..

WTF? Shower much? The gets out of bed, goes for a ride in the same shorts he slept in (free-ballin' or not, that can get stale), rode all day then gets home and hit the sheets IN THE SAME CLOTHES!!

Eeew. lol

chatterbox said...

I'm wondering where all the nifty food stops are in that ride. No way did he go ride 12-14 hours on a bowl of cereal. That is what would make the video better - donuts, lattes, burrito, beer....mmmmm.

CyclistRick said...

Amaze-ta-cating. Yea, looks a lot like me on my commute .... not. Maybe I should head outside and ride a bit more.

Anonymous said...

It will be hours before the smile leaves my face.

Joe O

Rachel said...

That was just beautiful! All that happiness just flowing along on two wheels... so many different shapes and colors!