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Monday, December 31, 2007

Thank You, Simone

Al Qaeda released its latest video message this week, with leader Osama bin Laden laying out his year-end thoughts, as well as a top-10 list of films he saw in his cave in 2007.

“Of course the infidels are measuring out their tyrannical bile in equal doses to the oppressed people’s of the Earth. Little Bush and his illegally-elected cabal of Zionist-infiltrated murderers are responsible for a genocide against Islam; they are trying to pursue an unholy crusade for the materiel wealth under the sands of the holy lands. Nowhere in their history of torture and fascism is this more evident than in the substantially perverse education they impose upon their children.”

“#7 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Young Ferris Bueller’s quest for freedom, however misbegotten in an infidel society, is a holy voyage to liberate himself and the world around him. To shake off the tyrannical bonds of a false god, to free his friends and peers, to expose the worship of material wealth in his society as an irreligious waste of time and heart.”


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