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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

talent + joy + refinement = fun to the third power

Here’s to all the nonconformists, original talents, unafraid to hang it out there and try for a break through.

The awkward reality of talent is that: “It does not belong to its possessor. Its possessor belongs to it, and can find freedom only by accepting that he is a slave” (Clive James from Cultural Amnesia).

May we all have the fortune to recognize what we are good at, and the freedom to slavishly pursue it. The journey is the thing. No end in sight. --lg


shawn hatfield said...

incredible. i'm thankful for people like that.

Mike Hardy said...

I couldn't help but think that here was a harpist that just never met the right instrument

Talent possesses it's owner but is also perhaps misdirected at times :-) ?

Ok, the clip was cool though - I will say that. Reminded me a bit of Charlie Hunter

Anonymous said...

Of special interest to cyclists: Mongrain plays carbon fiber topped guitars (as well as wooden ones). Sounds kind of stiff, crispy poppy. Mongrain can play holding it the regular way too. To see that, check out the youtube video for Erik Mongrain Fusions. His album Fates was the first CD I've purchased in years. He says he hates the cold, and that bodes well for his generation. --lg