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Friday, December 21, 2007

Man Accused of Sex Offence After Caught in Tandem with Bike

The Union Jack
December 2007

Room cleaners forced to use pass keys on a locked door in the Aberly house hostel in Ayr discovered a man having sex with his bike. The female employees were shocked to find Robert Stewart naked from the waist down, gyrating back and forth with his bicycle. They immediately informed the manager, who informed the police.

At Ayr Sheriff's Court the man was placed on the sex offenders register after being convicted of 'sexually aggravated breach of the peace', and given three years probation. "In almost four decades in the law I'd thought I'd come across every perversion known to man", commented Sheriff Colin Miller, "but this is a new one on me"

Stewart, 51 denied the offence and claimed it was a complete misunderstanding due to a drinking problem.

Having sex with an inanimate object is an unusual case to see in a British court, but in 1993, an electrician from Redditch in the West Midlands was jailed after being caught doing suspicious push-ups over paving stones on a neighborhood sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

I love my bike too.........

cxwrench said...

hmmmm...a strange post w/ british content...hmmmm

Brent said...

Union Jack is a bit behind.
I stroked on that a while back...