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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

hi guys!

merry holidays and happy consumerMass, everyone.

as many of you might have guessed ... i'm not a 'birth of jeesus' kind of hombre. i've taken myself out of that celestial equation by signing the dotted line offered in exchange for some shiny baubles and a few long-living tan-lines.

However, this year has been the best holiday season i've ever come across.

Sabine got me a nice geetar, we've gone on hours of easy-killin' bike rides, and the food has been ... eggyfatfilledhotchocolateness.


thanks again for the mystery bloggings ... we've still got a week of new ones coming in, folks.

get ready for it.

New Site ... yes, there will be a new site coming for 2008. I'll link to it from here, and the vandershyte site will stay up ... just static after 1/1/08.

good riding/eating/sleeping with someone to you all for these end of days to '07.


Ippoc Amic said...

a guitar?

Martina said...

olaf i miss u come back

Velo Bella said...

l'il poopoo!