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Friday, December 28, 2007

Choice Words between motorists and cyclists

How much did you pay for that thing?
Well, I didn’t actually pay for it, I used a credit card…it costs about 3,000.
You paid for 3,000 for that. You could get a used car for that price.
I know but this only weighs 16 pounds and runs on burritos.
(he removes his hat to scratch his balding head).

Hey excuse me Mr. Biker guy. Do you know where this here Mormon Lake is?
You’re looking at it. Its that 6 mile wide grassy depression right there (pointing). Sometimes its a lake, sometimes its swampy, sometimes its dry, it comes and goes depending on how much water falls out of the sky.
But the map says it is a lake, its painted blue and called Mormon Lake!
You’re not from Arizona are you? Did you see the big herd of elk grazing out in the middle of it?
No, where.
(30 minutes later they pass me again. They’re driving a loop around Mormon Lake, looking).

Where’d you ride from?
Flagstaff. That’s 35 miles from here. Maaann. Don’t your butt get sore?
No sir, these here shorts have a pad in them, and I use this chamois cream, like butter. It might help your bottom while you’re driving that four wheeler you’re towing there. You should try some.
(Man looks at wife. Wife looks straight ahead. He pulls away).

You ride your bike up here to Snowbowl ski resort?
Yup, I sure did.
Must be fun going down.
It is, but my favorite is going up.
Hmmm. (end of conversation)

When’s the last time it rained in Arizona?
I don’t know, I’ve only lived here 3 and a half years. --lg

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Anonymous said...

these posts are good, but I'm brcoming brittle. Can't we agree to stay with pictures of animals humping while olaf has left the building?