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Saturday, December 08, 2007

but ... sean penn is a commie actor

One exception: Dennis Kucinich, who with the minimal time allotted him, once again rose up beyond the sound bite and put principal ahead of party; argued policy rather than politeness. He has been the dominant voice of integrity on issues of trade, labor, education, environment, health, civil liberties, and the one endlessly determined voice of peace. But is he too short? Does his haircut not appeal? Is he not loyal enough to a cowardly democratic platform? Does he not appeal to the cult of personality? And what if the answer is yes? What if Dennis Kucinich, the most deserving and noble of candidates, the most experienced in issues of policy and the least willing to play into the politics of personal power? What if we can’t elect a man simply on the basis of the best ideas, the most courage, and the most selfless service? What does it say about our country when we can’t rally the voices of the common good to support a man, like our troops, who would die for us, who would die for our constitution? Who, as mayor of Cleveland at the age of 31 stood up against contracts on his life. Three separate assassins whose intent was to kill him as he stood up for his constituency there. Nonetheless, he carries on. He continues to serve. I’ve been a supporter of Dennis Kucinich for several years. And I’ve been torn lately. I’ve been torn by the allure of “electability.” I began to invest some support in a very good man (one among Dennis’s opponents) who seems to be finding himself as a constitutional defender, but he’s not one yet. He is however, among those that we allow the media to distinguish as electable. But we’re talking about the Constitution here. We’re talking about our country. I have decided not to participate in proactive support on the basis of media distinctions. I have chosen to pledge my support to the singular, strongest and most proven representative of our constitutional mandate. Dennis Kucinich [CG]
cleveland assassins?

that's core.


TBone said...

Kucinich is not appealing for a lot of reasons. However, he has some good ideas that are not getting the attention that they should get. If he were to align himself with the likes of Ralf Nader and the Green Party, then I think the Greens would have a lot more influence. He needs to exit the Democratic Party.


Anonymous said...

I like his wifes tongue ring. Any Presidential Candidate who is into tongue rings is a friend of mine!

He's not affraid to say! I LIKE TONGUE RING BJ's!

Party on Garth!

Beth said...

hells yeah, assassins. that is how we do it in c-town. we also throw batteries at the visiting team during Browns' games. what can i say, we are good sports.

but cleveland is nothing compared to those crazy motherfuckers in youngstown. mafia; maurice clarett... shit...