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Friday, November 09, 2007

remember this?

there the brother is ... mashing up the path outside my window.

He's got a rain jacket and a downy vest on the top-end of mudbog boots and smudgy red santajohns.

He's pedaling a bike 2 speeds slower than reverse, up a wee hill, with no destination in site.

He's moving.


The sun is out, but it's a softer, wetter brightness than i'm used to. The scent of salt and ocean so close is ... spinning loose my navigation ports, finding it weird not being dried out, burned down, or hoarding moisture like the half-starved hyena of my past.


there the brother is ... topping out on the path,
weebling, wobbling,
dizzy-crazed with a face furred and scarred
and unmoved by the falling blossom air.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a VO5 team rider.

Brent said...

uh not really.

Merkeley Bike said...

Are these reruns part of the writer's strike? Some kinda pinko solidarity thing right? ;)

Nathan O'Neill's Hunger said...

...OV, not as entertaining a post as yesterday. With 37 comments, you were getting as popular as NYC Bike Snob!

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Stale low-ku.

Who's going to Mud-zanita Park on Sunday? 40% chance of rainy-drops.

Anonymous said...

Im thinking that the Manzanita race of the NCNCA Cup is going to be good, a little moisture will make things very, very interesting. Wicks is supposed to be there and Lloyd has not lost a local womens cross race for a long time. Can Wicks and Lloyd keep up their domination of the Nor-Cal Cross scene?
Olaf is too busy watching hippies to pump up the volume for those folks and the Strawberry boys and the Lobster munching-crunching-pinching gang and all the other hammer heads who will line it up on sunday.
I think the sexy Womens race will be the best of the day.