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Monday, November 26, 2007

images d' Pilarceetos

it puts the pictures on ....

i've also got a bit of video waiting in the edit box. should have some time later this week to do up some of Kerlin and Matti's Belgian adventures and even a wee bit of Peak Season CX tales in the kicker.



lauren said...

those pics are awesome. so many good pics from yesterday, everywhere.

thanks for pulling my name outa the hat! i still feel all giddy and stuff.

you guys did a great job with all the prizes and sponsors and stuff.

what fun!

Anonymous said...

i love everyone

Anonymous said...


Just a quick note to say thanks for posting your pictures from Golden Gate CX and the Velodrome (from way back)... GG was a rough race for me; I could never get my legs moving like they should. That one picture of me (throttle.jpg) made the day worth while.

Hope to see you out there and maybe at the track again sometime.


Grey said...

Please change caption from "Hannon brings madness" to "Hannon inspires ROBOT ARMY!! All other women elite riders BEWARE!!!"

k, thx.