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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

where you at?

apologies for the shyte production of materials lately.
work has been double-digits per day and things aren't getting lighter until we finish out this grant period.
so, next year - there's $600k to make the world a better place ... what would you do?

correct answer? find more money

~ i can't remember a damn thing...

Stellar, HannonHunter, and Ms. Maile fought like dread-sexy pirates for the win last Sunday.

... the racing this season just keeps getting better and better.

ok ~ i'll admit it. By the time the Women started i was ... not focusing all that well. i mean, beverages kept appearing in hand, ferchrissakes. I almost blew the women's C start, did mess up a junior's start ... and even forgot official Ryan Fu's name, calling him "Jeff" all day long.

he's the best scoring official i've come across, and i'm calling him the wrong gawdamn name.


i didn't get a chance to ask Stella how that last few hundred meters shook down ... i'll try and get the story during today's workout ~ it's a burner training session scheduled for her and Tash up the sCruzian hills ... so, i might not get too much details, but i'll do my best and will share accordingly.

What I did see of the Women's race was a late hail-mary bomb from that baby-blue vixen, Sarah Maile. You can tell she's riding a lot with that boytoy of hers, Rich ... because she's adapting to that same riding position ... arching over the top-tube like a forever flexing predatory cat.

Maile's attack was a classic, big wind-up acceleration up the graveled, slight incline that marked about the half-way point of the final lap. I heard a roar from the crowd as she swung her ax, and i whipped around to see her streaking blue across the horizon. It was breathtaking.

But, Hannon and Carey were both driving hard and by the time they went through the tree barrier and runnup, I couldn't tell who was going to have the upper hand in the closing moments of the race.

About 15 seconds behind the lead trio lurked one of the best female cyclists America has ever produced ... Carmen D'aluisio. I have to admit ~ it filled me with some juice to see that girl back with a number on. What a class rider. But I couldn't help myself in hoping that Carmen wouldn't bridge up to the three in the final half-lap. Those three women in the front have been riding fantastically all-year long and I was wanting to see who would best the rest this weekend.

Maile was unstoppable at the Sacramento NCNCA stop a couple weeks back ... only beaten by the World-Ranked Rachel Lloyd. And, of course, we all know how Hannon was a freight train at Pilarcitos last weekend for a huge win.

But, they both had to go against the experience and re-found fire of Stella Carey. And when it comes to fighting for position when it counts, put money on Stellar.

The crowds in the finishing venue went nutz as they saw the three riders erupt out of the darkened trees, scant meters from the finish line. But, the riders had to hump up the dirt shelf to the finishing grasslands, then negotiate Sabine's swirly before the sprint to the line.

Great race.

For the men, I'm really psyched that Dave Wyandt was able to grab a win this weekend. This guy has been on every podium offered this year - but it was satisfying to see him top-step this time. It probably means he'll win out the rest of the season.

Stella's boy Krakulak had a great race, too. Actually, both Aaron and BIG RICK HUNTER had phenomenal rides on Sunday (5th and 8th). And do you know what that signals to me?

that the course was for bike handlers.

I've seen both Rick Hunter and AK up close as they negotiate with dirt. These guys are artisans. So, if they are getting those kinds of results against a quality field of pedalers ... it means there were sections on the course that guys with superior handlings skills made good amounts of time over those who didn't.

The Secret of this year's Surf City course?

Well, firstly - it was 95% Sabine's design. But what she does better than anyone is ... delegate. She picks good people to be around, and then trusts them to go about their responsibilities with the same desire for excellence that she has.

and it works.

When we walked the course Saturday morning with the build crew we basically said - "look, pick a section and make it yours, make it fabulous." Sabine asked them to become a part of it, own it, invest in it. And that's what they did. Sabine empowers people.

This year's Surf City course was "mothered" by Sabine, but grown and matured by each of the volunteers who show'd up and put a hammer or pole or tape marking to hand. Yeah, there were a few of us who went around and added twists or tweeks, but pretty much what you saw was the creation of a team of volunteers who ... just went and did it.

NEXT YEAR ~ wonder if we can't get a few of the past promoter's of Surf City to eek out of retirement next year and put on a series with Velo Bella. VB could do the Halloween race, and maybe some of the other promoters could put on 1 or 2 events, too. Each one separate, but part of an overall series. It would increase variety, not kill one promotion crew with an entire series, and be a ton of fun.


anyway, thought i'd toss up a few pics stole'd from the interwebs. i like them.
gotta jet. posting will be sparse for a bit longer.


meh-wee-uhn said...

Ponies, puppy dogs, sunshine, and bike rides.

(And health care and good schools for little kids.)

meh-wee-uhn said...

Oh yeah. That course? Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved it. Especially the uphill start.

The flat was kind of a bummer, but that's how the proverbial cookie crumbles.

Loved that course, wanna marry it.

fuji rider said...

sign me up to help you next year!


jen said...

So many funny, funny pics!

I was trying to 'splain the sheer madcap silliness of the thing to someone on the group ride thingy yesterday. They weren't getting it. Maybe I'm just not a very good 'splainer ;-)

We're so there next year...

marscat said...

and as the sun was going down you were still out there by fixing and fixing that one section...very dedicated

and the funniest pic of all is of stellar's nice panties...

Hunter Cycles said...

It really was a fun course

Nome Agusta said...

It was a great course and everyone out there did a spectacular job.

Thanks again for making it a great day out with the wife and friends.

lauren said...

yes! that course was so, so good.

you guys did a good job.

and my new favorite pic is that last one of the cheerleaders. i think it says it all.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

hunter gushed.

marian, you crazy with that unabandoned riding style.

you're stevil in pink and with better hair.

pro-ho ... hell yes.

Jen ~ that marshall work was over the top. we owe you and your boy some Firestone Kobe's for that.

marsyppoc ... you guys were ridiculous this weekend. i kept getting tired, and then Linda would come by me carrying something someplace for someone ... and i'd have to get off my lazy ass and do something.

is it ok to have a crush on a lesbo?

nome - good times, good sufferings.

your girl looked fabulous in costume.

lauren ... those gawdamn pictures kill me. well, yours and morgans.

i like that i have to look and figure out who took which.

Anonymous said...

I think that the schedule of races this year is perfect. The Peak Season races are still coming, and the schedule is full besides that. Having the super excellent Velo Bella Surf City Halloween Psycho Cross makes that event the best of the year, why change what is a great schedule.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

only change things if it makes them better.

that's my motto.

Anonymous said...

and right now I think Dave Carr or John Funke said it best, that this years schedule is the best. We are lucky to have these great races, and this last weekend you showed how awesome it could be having your Vello Bella event as the biggest party and race of them all! You did so good, and even if I couldnt make it, I still heard it was the best, so keep being the best you beautiful fool you. But dont try and control things, as you are just a squirrel trying to get a nut, you nutty professor.

Ella said...

Wow, what an awesome race report. I really enjoyed reading about my girlfriends' skills on the course; made me feel as though I were there even though I was Back East. Thanks for your excellent reportage.