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Monday, October 08, 2007


my work celebrates the holiday today ... so, it's off on a Gilligan's tour for me. the plan is to find some roads that point upward and don't stop pedaling until the next Left Behind book comes out.

yesterday was some amazing stuff. got to see JoJo and Andy's wedding pictures ... which were rocking it to 11. It was like looking at a wedding where all of cycling's royalty showed up. Speaking of those two, Jojo punched through for a very, very impressive 2nd behind an on-form Sarah Kerlin. Andy, as we all know, cah-RUSHED everything in site during the Men's race. After his long, hard recovery - there was still a real crazy spot is his left collarbone ... we'd all seen the jacked up pictures of that mis-aligned madness. But, at the time, surgery was not an option, really. But, now is.

Andy took a spill running after the race and did a quick and clean little break of the same clavicle, opening up the swift path to a surgically repaired version. It will heal better, stronger, and faster ... so, if it was going to happen (and with the nature of that weak heal, it was), this was as good a time as any.

Anyway, after a beer and cookie - his spirits were better, but that initial shock of breaking the bone and knowing he'd have more recovery time was hard to shoulder, i'm sure. But, this is a guy who has experienced more pain and had to generate more patience with enduring it for healing's sake than any of us can imagine. So, i'm sure the prospects of a few more weeks with a plate inserted to provide a better long-term heal aren't too daunting.

and, he was already talking about how somebody should give him a pro-contract for the road next year. And somebody should. This is the time in American cycling when we need two JM's out there proving what can be done with sheer will power and massive calves.

Hopefully JoJo will let him out of the house to play with the other kids. But, to be clear, that's JoJo's decision. We all know who's inherited those boots.

I had a divine time yesterday. Got to see all the laid-backs and meet new and cool ones ... and, even strapped on a number to ride some laps. At the start, there was a good bit of crazy-crazy, but i was lucky enough to flat a rear and get to wave guh-bye to the mayhem while hoof'n it over to the neutral RITCHEY pit for a re-mount.

The dude was awesome at the pit and we chatted for a bit while we switched out the wheel. Unfortunately, some racers had been giving him waaaaay too much attitude - yelling for wheels and throwing tantrums about not getting their candy soon enough - basically, real NON-cross behavior. We need some self-policing of the ranks to ensure that people out there are remembering, this is the shit we do FOR FUN.

Anyway, Daniel at the RITCHEY pit didn't have any 10spd rears, but i told him i didn't mind and would ride 9-spd no problem. I thanked him after we got the wheel all settled and had gotten through out chat, then started out to finish the first lap and see how the shoulder held up.

It held up gloriously and i ended up doing the entire race ... i was so psyched. In fact, I never even thought about the shoulder. Well, i thought about not taking ANY chances out there, but ended up railing some sections pretty good throughout the day, and flubbing a much smaller number of turns than usual. Of course, it was because of the bike.

Ryan Bontrager finished building my new RockLobster at the race and i jumped on that thing straightaway and fell in love at first butt-to-saddle contact. I'm telling you, Sadoff knows how to frickin' design a bike. I basically asked Paul to fabricate the frame as he saw fit and then asked Ryan to do the same with the bike-build. After a few tweaks of fit, it was race ready and i felt like one lucky sum'bitch out there on that course.

can't wait for CCCX next weekend. yeah baby!

~ thanks again Paul and Ryan for the pro treatment. I'll have a full-review of the bike soon with some chingon pictures. but for now, i'm off to ride myself into oblivion for a bit.


velogirl said...

we were standing at the triple barrier/run-up when andy tripped and I almost cried, too! ouch! but you're right, he'll heal stronger and better and it'll only be a few weeks. dang!

Nome Agusta said...

I was going to ask you how the Rival system worked in the Cross environment, but considering the flat and a swap to 9 on a 10 speed set up, I'll wait until next weekend.

We need a little people lane on the barriers. It's tough doing 3 high jumps in a row. I damn near had to pole vault that stuff.

The bike looked great!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i've got the SRAM Force on that bike, and it was pretty impressive. i never really had a problem staying in gears, even though it was the wrong cassette. but, i could only use about 6 or 7 of the cogs.

that was enough on that course ... plenty, actually.

and as we all know, Pilarcitos barriers are the highest barriers in the known universe.

styler said...

glad to see you back in the lycra, missed that.

velogirl said...

barrier tip -- if the barrier is really high (which happens @ pilarcitos, especially on the uphills, even moreso later in the day as the turf is worn down), don't try to jump over the barrier -- step on the barrier as you go over it. prevents nasty scarring, too!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

you should come up for a long ride weekend, Styler. may have to be after the Halloween race, though. weekends are gonna be busy before that one.

and Vgirl, remember - those barriers were painted to look nice.

claw marks in them bums some out.

i do suggest a tip in return, though - step with the knee forward and out. Concentrate on the knee and not the feet. you'll rarely hit in a way that would hurt, either you or the sponsored-labeled barrier.

styler said...

the ninja and I will plan on it. I should have my new racer bike built, since the ridley broke, and the ninja will be riding again so that would be fun.

BELLA BEAR said...

Thanks for the pimpin picture action! Yesterday's race went so well! Can't wait for the next one!

funkdaddy said...

I somehow missed you at the race while I was juggling boys and setting off grass fires with Tom's cannon...good to see you're back in action.

VG is right, stepping on uphill barriers can be a great option for run-ups. Sometimes it's the best footing you can get.

Bummer about Andy, he looked so solid. Is he gonna fire up the getwellandy blog again?

Ippoc Amic said...

bella bear was awesome...nice pic and heal fast to the wrist on David...

those bariers weren't meant to be the resting point, I'm sure, but that spot worked well for a little I know how Daisy felt...

Ippoc Amic said...

barriers...and pretty bike with the custom flower too...

lauren said...

i'd forgotten how tall those pilarcitos barriers were.

i ate a nice mouth full of dirt on them twice on the warmup laps.

and that cannon - i kept thinking someones tires were blowing.

nice rocklobster btw!

Anonymous said...

I fell 3 times on thos overly tall barriers yesterday. And i am 6'3".

When will Tom and his crew understand that those things are just too high.

Now AJM has fallen and been hurt, and others have fallen and been hurt from those stupid barriers, and I really think they are putting riders in danger for having those overly high barriers.

How many other riders need to fall over those things before they make a adjustment?

I just think it is un safe, so they are putting people in a very un safe situation.

Velo Bella said...

Tom's barriers are UCI height as are the Surf City barriers.

Maybe its the surface area that makes them seem taller?

Dennis said...

UCI barrier height is 40cm or 15.75 inches. Tom's are at least 18 inches and seem to grow as the race continues. From what I remember, Tom does not like bunny hopping.

Daniel said...

Many thanks for the mention and it is always a great pleasure to help you all during the race.
-Daniel of the "Ritchey" Neutral Wheel Pit

Velo Bella said...

I figured they were the same ol barriers from his UCI promotin days. Didn't seem to make sense to go out and make new ones. Unless you really hate bunnyhoppin...

Anonymous said...

Scott/Ritchey boys should chill. Be nice, like d'Alusio, Justin, and all the top guys, who always say "please & thank you" when passing. Be polite when whomping on us slower guys. This is FOR FUN.

Anonymous said...

please and thank you is for the country club, cyclocross is for get the hell out of my way or i will ram you, like Justin did to me yesterday!

Anonymous said...

I have been to Europe for UCI races in Bel., Fra., and Itl., and they never had barriers that tall, sorry V. Bella but those are overly tall.

I am 5 feet 9, and those things make me feel like I am doing hurdles on the track back in high school.

Brent said...

nice kit and bike.
SRAM stuff works fine for me too. (course im not racing)

From the experience of two of the loudest barrier trips/crashes at one of the Pilarcitos races... Tom likes to place them in tough spots, usually on an uphill which makes the barriers feel much taller as the front side digs out.

Renaldo Nehemiah said...

You crybaby nerds. Waaaah. The barriers are too high. Well I think they should be at least..... THREE times as big. thats right 95 centimeteres! Ive raced in Uzbekistan and Moldova and thats how they do it over there. Adjust your speed accordingly! ok, theyre a bit too high.

Anonymous said...

yeah but like Uzbekistan and Moldova we here in the USA are into blood transfusions to increase spring over the boards. just ask Tyler Hamilton who is very springy.

Tom does not race, so he does not have to trip over those high hurdles like I did yesterday. So he does not care.

It didnt slow me down too much and I only tripped a few times and still made top ten, so I get a call up next race! NAh Nah Nah Nah Nah.........

I just feel sorry for those 5 feet tall females who can barely make it over those giagantic obstacles.

Watching the womens race really was a laugh festival, and I wanted to get some You Tube video of those poor girls struggling to climb up and over the barriers that seemed to be as high as their waist line. They mostly looked really clumsy trying to jump up and over boards that are clearly too high. Throw in carrying their bike and it makes for a interesting view.

lazlo velosac said...

pooor poooseee americans. barriers too tall? what you need is chuck norris standing at the 3rd barrier, ready to roundhouse kick you to the melon.

Vladimir Bloodberger said...

Speaking of melons.
What would be cool, is a festival like atmosphere. With Gallagher tossing watermelons up in the air and Chuck Norris doing roundhouse kicks to them. And theyre in renaissance attire. And a couple of those dunk tank thingies with your choice of Tom Simpson or Casey Kerrigan. And a section called the "12 pack" with a set of 12 barriers varying in height from 2 - 35 inches.

Nome Agusta said...

Um, OK folks, short guy here 30" inseam. Wife even shorter.
I was only kidding about the barriers. My wife and I really didn't have that much trouble with them.

I don't know what the heck Olaf and his knee thing is all about, I just approached at warp speed and let the momentum spring me into the air. It was a strange sensation and the first time I felt it, but maybe the extra hip stretching I did before the race gave me a little extra bounce.
Or maybe it was doing the Grizzly Century the day before. Don't know, but I want that feeling again.

The shifters looked like Rival. I don't remember them being carbon.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris will sucka punch a 40 inch barrier and team. In one punch.

Alec said...

Those barricades are the same height as the day I built them 5 years ago, as a duplicate to the the barricades Jeff has used for years for Surf City. Sabine is spot on.

I guess the new style is the ones used at Cross Vegas this year. Looked like 2x4s.

Anonymous said...

is so skinny he is as thin as one of those barriers. And has the same IQ as the height of one of those boards.

Anonymous said...

Alec you couldnt even hop over one of those if you tried at speed. They are way too tall for you to get ALL of you over. There would be so much jiggle and so much shake if you tried of all that extra skin you are carrying, that they might think it was another earthquake on the San Andreas fault line.
I want to see you in spandex and cycling clothes trying to jump those boards at speed.

I saw 6 people in a row hit and trip over the boards yesterday in the B race. Then some serious crashes took place during my A race.

I actually like the big barriers because I have long legs, but some folks really struggled over those things.

Hooptie said...

Cross Nats last year had some serious tall barriers at full UCI height hoovering a few inches off the gorund for good measure. CCCX barriers are short...the Vegas barriers were "stairs"

Anonymous said...

I like extra tall barriers please.
Sky Scraper barriers.
Yao Ming barriers.
I am twice as tall as Hooptie so I want twice as tall barriers please.
Infact, at the next race I will use Hooptie as a barrier and jump over him with my bike.

Anonymous said...

I personally enjoyed the little stair step barriers at Vegas Cross.

They were so short and small that I felt tall.

Stairs were actually tall compared to those little fella's.

Hooptie said...

Sounds good, how about a bunny hop Hooptie contest? The winner gets a...Oven Mitt!

John Holmes said...

Hooptie is hung like a horse.
If he had an erection while you tried to bunnyhop him, you would taco your wheels. Dont get cocky tall dude, hoopties wang exceeds the UCI parameters. Hooptie has a Black belt in the Kama Sutra - dont ever call into question his manhood.