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Monday, October 22, 2007

new stuff


dblrider said...

Olaf - That picture is so wrong! I nearly spurtled my drink all over my desk.

Anonymous said...

Time to break out the bee suit Hernando!

Anonymous said...

why so stereotypical towards SoCal ( excuse me, I mean LoCal) - big thighs and fancy-pants hair-dos, implant hungry, tan-in-a-can southern heathens.

i bet the cycling chicks in NorCal don't shave their legs, bikini line or pits, and the guys don't use deodorant, so reek like my ass.

gotta go fix my big hair and fake boobs, see ya.

Twasn't Me said...

Going to be No-Cal if they don't get them fires put out.

jen said...

no cal is right. f-cking nutty in socali right now.

think rainy thoughts.

veloandvino said...

I don't feel so bad from my speedo post a few weeks ago.

chatterbox said...

Uh, yeah. I appreciate the links to the photos from Candlestick. Not so much the masked tighty-whitie shot!

Grey said...

He's dressed as a Mexican wrestler. It's a good costume. Are you people not cultured?

(shakes head...)

Velo Bella said...

And being the trendsetter he is, Dave dressed this way before Nacho Libre ever came out

Dave Gill that is. Not that I would tell or anything.

Anonymous said...

velo bella

how would you know what dave gill looks like in his underwear and semi naked body?

i wonder if maybe you have touched that hot figure in a way that gives you close knowledge of his finer points, or finer pointy things

he does look hot and i do like his sexy body

Anonymous said...

That photo of that racer makes me all wet downstairs~
It really is a turn on seeing a man race naked or all most naked, and it makes me want to give up the womb.
Is there any chance of a naked mens race at the Halloween race, that would turn it into a halloweenie race......

Anonymous said...

Hey VinoVertibrateMan, did you do that speedo spread on a cold, chilly morning. That would be good for GQ... huh or maybe GeezerJock?