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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

few seconds

it don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that PING

Sabine smartypants'd up how to make the "new scribblins" feature on the sidebar blogroller over there ---->

If you're using .blogspot, there is a setting you need to flip. Check it over and notch it in the positive if you want to show up radical in the Book of Cool. If you're using some fancy-ass wordpress or whatever, i have no idea if there's a similar switch.

but, those of you who know i need to know when you've newly posted will help me out by flipping the PING.
- - -

The rains have come ...

I've been saying this for awhile ~ i think we're going to get us one helluva watered winter here in the sCruz. This morning the wetness hangs like a blanket, damp but strangely warm. It's like insulation.

Last year we had a couple very, very muddy cross races. This year i think we'll get more.

Cyclocross, baby.
- - -

Surgery Scheduled

awww yeah ... Nov 5th i get the f'ing plate unhitched from the cleevicle.

the doc gave me a bit of, well ... just do stuff to tolerance until then, ok?

no prollem, doc ~ to tolerance.
- - -

there are no barriers

this is Cody Kaiser ... one of the young ones i love watching race bikes. He is cool under fire, rides clean, and puts up with all the nonsense old pukes like me throw at him. He races on the dirt, on the road ... and at some point we'll get him on the track, too. Him and his dad are what make racing bikes cool.

look at the lines of his body as he makes his way through the barriers at Pilarcitos last weekend. Straight, but relaxed chest and torso, he's facing the barriers and driving with his knees high and extended, bike and body only as high as they need to be. That's the way you do it.

It's less a leap over, and more a run through the barrier.


CyclistRick said...

For us with 'fancy WordPress', the ping setting is available on the admin page under Options->Writing ; at the bottom of the page there is an 'Update Services' section; just make sure is included in the list of services notified of 'new scribbblins'.

runjoelrun said...

I've been apingin' all along by the looks of it (blogspot)

BELLA BEAR said...

i love cross! mud, bikes, guys in spandex, what more can you ask for!

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Thank goodness for VB's mad skillz. Does that doctor have ANY concept of your tolerance?...

lauren said...

i think i'm going to go practice those "run throughs" today.

i like how you have a whole folder in your inbox for sabine.

and bella bear's right on - men in skinsuits rolling in the mud! bring on the rain.

Anonymous said...

that wasn't a rain, it was a sprinkle to make the dirt lest dusty.

Anonymous said...

The Nickster had his collarbone brace and seven screws removed Monday, 10 months since installation. Naturally, it came home with him. It's a nice bit of titanium, drilled, milled, and polished along it's entire length like a piece of fine jewelry. Considering we paid as much for it as a custom Rock Lobby, there MUST be some sort of useful bike part that can be made from it. ;)

ServiceCourse said...

Mike - check out this video: EPO video kicks ass

Brent said...

i have that setting turned on for months.
It sends pings, but for some reason blogrolling seems to ignore them from time to time. Other services don't.

velogirl said...

I finally wrote a post and I'm being ignored, too, Brent! Pingity-ping-ping! Bah! Humbug!

shawndoggy said...

pinger done got bustikated. Reset me settings (ping "yes" was already turned on) AND pinged manually to no avail.

Velo Bella said...

It takes a while sometimes to hit the blog after you update. And you have to update after you change the setting. It won't recognize anything you posted before changing the setting.

The manual pinger is kaput I think.

Anonymous said...

Hmph whatever me still no pingy


velogirl said...

I posted a 2nd post & go a ping.

do-wap, do-wap, do-wap, do-wap-do-wap-wap!

Grey said...

Nice photo of Brue. He is a dirty, dirty boy all right.