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Monday, September 24, 2007

on a stick

oh man, it's flying out da' blenders about now.

yerrgh ... i'm pretty much behind on everything right now. i've got 13 things i want to tappity-tap about, but there are emails to be responded to, spreadsheets left dangling, housework awaiting at home, hallooweener costumes to plan, Minutes to finish, bloggylogs to try and find time to read, and a CrossLobster to get gathered so Bontrager can build up for me.


Go and grab Will Ferrel's hidden gem, "Stranger Than Fiction." It's one of those quiet, local's only bits of brilliance that makes me happy to still be around town. If you're a fan of the Tannenbaums/Life Aquatic/Spotless Mind genre ... you'll love this movie.

the scene with Gyllenhaal and Ferrell connecting through the floats and waves of an attachable bus is ... divine.

and ... it has Emma Thompson. i loves me some Emma Thompson.

that is all.

gotta get some shit done.
lates, ~m


CyclistRick said...

Agreed. On the movie and Emma T.

PROMANgirl said...

Love Emma, met her in london she is the dogs bollocks. Loved her in Love Actually, sweet things to think about before vegas madness. if its not mad enough i intend to make it madder, its officially my off season, let the show begin!

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

i loved that movie...watched it on a plane to paris in the summer...twice!

L. Christmas said...

yep, good flick

Anonymous said...

She was extremely good in Wit, but its a sad movie.

Alden said...

By far Emma Thompson's finest work:>
(as Miss Money-Sterling)

Brent said...

i like Will Ferrel

broxster said...

Ah, The Young Ones! I'm 13 again!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

ah ... i've been trying to find your blog to link, brox.