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Friday, September 14, 2007

newz of the whattup

i think we ran out of Polish jokes ...

ok, so ... Sabine tells me they take riders off course, let cars in during the finish, and then have this massive pile-up a few meters before the line 'cause a spectator stiff-armed a TMobile rider.

no further comment necessary.
- - -

US dazzling Women

The beautific Kat Curi catapulted high in the GC after Stage 4 of the Ard├Ęche. It would be pretty insane if they could get Curi on the podium, put Miller back in the Points jersey, AND toss Carroll the Sprinter's title, as well.

There is a serious delay in getting the results from this event ... so, i'll just keep checking and hope for an update. The only picture i've been able to glean was from the Aaron's Team site ... that Sprinter's jersey is pretty much ruling me.

right on.
- - -

Hincapie's hicksuit

I have to admit ~ Tour of Missouri is ... snoresville for me. I just can't get psyched about it for some reason. I mean, i'm following it - for sure - it's always cool to see how cats late in the season take on the game. It always seems like a battle between those desparate for a contract next year, and those desparate to stay safe and end the year fat and happy.

But, i do love that Missouri slogan ... close to home, far from ordinary.

yeah, i'll start planning the honeymoon now.
- - -

Points Race hairballs

Last nite was a nice battle between US Scratch Champ McKook and the Giant Strawberry Miller. They were raging close all nite long, with a good bit of drama unfolding throughout the rest of the field to make the entire event a blast to spectate.

Rob Evans was sparking off attacks and chases and scoring enough for the bronze, but hot on his wheels was his woman Shelley Olds. At one point, Shelley put in a perfectly timed hit to last 4 laps solo and take a full 5-pointer. That was sweet.

If Shelley continues on this trajectory, I think she will stand a very, very good chance at taking a National Title down in LA next month. But, anything can happen and the best you can do is show up, race calm, see clearly, and unleash the beast.

and trust me folks, her beast is hungry and powerful.

Like I said, Miller and McCookie were close all nite long. It was like watching a boxing match between a skilled veteran boxer fending off the wild, insanely strong haymakers of a blindmad streetfighter. McCook would jab and step away, using his speed and experience to peppering hit after hit - while Miller would wind up huge and swing with every ounce of energy in hopes of a knockout blow.

And McCook was on the ropes a couple times. You could see the sweat dripping down that crunched, churning pedaling style of his. The prolonged, open throttle effort is not McCook's forte, but he found the juice to keep Miller within range and then would slice in 2 or 3 quick accelerations to score, over and over again.

At 15 to go, Miller made a big mistake by not leading out the sprint through the bell lap. He had consistently been able to fend off the field with his long drag of speed. But, it was a moment of fatigue - you could see it - and as the field entered turn 1 for the sprint lap, Miller hesitated at the front of the pack and 4 riders jumped around him viciously.

Evans first, then young Logan Loader, Andrew Nevitt and McCook all came over the top and accelerated just enough to gap Miller and keep him out of the points at a crucial moment. Miller would rally on the 10 to go sprint, scoring points to go even with McCook. And then on 5 to go, Miller would put in a massive solo acceleration to take a 5-pointer and be up by 2 on the visibly struggling National Champion.

Miller's gap was substantial as the field gasped for breath behind - only a handful of laps remaining in the event. A glance back at the situation and Miller decided to risk it, plunging headlong into a painful, late-race time trial effort for the win.

The distance grew between the chasers as laps 4 and 3 drew down. The hurt was eminating off the boards like radiant heat as Miller rocked and rolled his lanky frame over the bike. Behind, McCook was getting a small amount of help from the remaining pack, but it looked hopeless as 2 to go was sounded.

And suddenly, a lapped Matt Martinez dropped down from the rail like a locomotive, hitching McCook and the chasing pack to his train. This is one of the beauties of Points racing ... just because you're down a lap (or in Matt's case, 23), doesn't mean you are out of the race. It just means you're down in points.

So, Martinez went to the front of McCook's chasing pack and drilled a 30mph lap 2, absorbing Miller's solo bid for the win as the field crossed Nolan's bell lap ring.

McCook would lead the entirety of that final lap, able to hold off Miller across the line, and for the win.



Miller said...

Thanks for the cheering and pics.. last night hurt.. that 15 to go one definately F-ed me.. Dave won I think and I got blanked...

Hooptie said...

Yeah thanks for hanging out and cheering! Keith was coming out of nowhere scooping up wins. Shelley humbled each of us at least once, bumping and battleing w/ McCook, cant wait till nats.

Janelle E. said...

More fun photos of the US Ladies doing well at Ardeche are here -

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

sounds like collusion to me....

Velo Bella said...

your yellow panties....they look espensive

cycloscott said...

It's official. Curi takes third.