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Thursday, September 20, 2007

daarg, mas minutas porafavora

this blog is on suck-patrol for a bit as i've been busy with stuff entirely less important*.

in the meantime, we wait for next week's Toto ... poor Floyd will be fillet'd, i'm sure.

*i mean, some silly-ass shit, yo.


PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

lemme guess...

the hellyer board election results are in...

there's a runnoff, cries of foul play, hanging chads, an appeal to the supreme court....

am i close?

Velo Bella said...

"a bed of six spaniards"

hell yeah

MarkS said...


I think he's out getting his final fitting for his Shiela Moon one off for the Vegas show.

I can just see him now up on center stage posing like a STAR.

Am I close?


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

not close.

well, the "bed of six spaniards" is pretty close.

no, we've got a project in the Philippines that i've been killing myself for and then they cancel, dont' cancel, cancel again in a matter of a few hours.

it's a pain in the ass ... and,

means nothing at the end of the day. cuz, this shit solves nothing.

but there's always bike riding!

and sheila moon skivvies.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

does anything solve anything?

Lyne said...

"does anything solve anything?"

friends, margaritas, sex, bikes, family, yep they do solve something, right?

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

ok, good point lyne.

broxster said...

Looks like Olaf is on the Hellyer BOD - courtesy of an unofficial report:

Mary Maroon
Kevin Worley
Mike Hardaway
Mike Hernandez (OV)
Keith Rabin
Mark Rodamaker
John Simmons
Rob Jenson
Rick Adams

There is word from Kevin Worley of an official announcement later on Friday.

WarrenG said...

Mary is not on, but Matt is.

A real good group.