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Thursday, August 09, 2007

on the quick, 'tween dooties

last nite was the Wed Track'ervals and it was good competition in all the categories. I was amazed at how many women show'd up and put wood to the cement. It made for great watching as the categories were very quick ... but also very safe.

We had one moment in the A's were the buttocks clenched a bit, but all reacted well and we discussed it freely afterwards to know what errors occurred and how it's all good in the hood going forward. That's the way to handle it.

Speaking of buttocks - mine had little power last nite, but i'm desparately hoping i turned a corner and might get some power back in the pedalstroke. It was a good lesson in turning off the pride and strapping on the thinking cap to stick in the races and scratch out a placing, or two.

JAndy was his normal uber-on-the-front self. RKillit showed some building leg speed and scored heavily all nite long. New to the track, Devine VeeGuus, will be a velodrome slayer if he actually decides to try the discipline. He rode a very good Miss'nOut last nite ... a lot due to the cattle-prod McKook had zapping him in his mccrack the whole race.

Overall, it was a fun, fast, and relaxed nite of riding in ovals. The temperatures have become that pleasurable mild of approaching fall in San Jose. The soft orange of sunset draping over the track as a hint of breeze just tickled the trees and brought a freshness to us all.


this is the GioTracka ... he is awesome to watch in the Keirin. hopefully his bike gets healed up and we'll see him this weekend.

this is one of my favorite views of the track ... lot's of action in the ready

this picture kinda rocks

these are our rockin' travel kitties ... don't barf from the cuteness!

this is what the DDT sent me ... we'll see Friday if it's the new DiscoBand.


Ippoc Amic said...

cute kitties...

marscat said...

we love the kitty pics

nosajpalnud said...

YB was at the press conference with Basso - right? It's not lookin' good.

And yeah - cool lookin' cats

Wish that track was not so damn far away....looks like a blast

Baublehead said...

How can I obtain an inexpensive bike to I can try out this track riding you speak so fondly of?

Perhaps I should ask WarrenG?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Dear "yet another northern CA cyclist",

there are rentals available for the Saturday sessions. you can also drop into the Montano Velo shop in the EastBay and check out their entry-level bikes.

The Pista we got Sabine was under $600, ride ready and quite sweet.

I've heard good things about the entry Felts, too. I ride an uber-entry frame called a KHS ... which, is about 12 years old with road cranks, a quill stem, and semi-hooptie carbonium wheels.

it works fine.

for now.

come out and play, yo!

WarrenG said...

Kitty pics... some people will do anything to get people to look at their blog.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Olaf is not the fun loving, all inclusive, hugs to all, liberal, all bundled into a singular pansy assed cheer leader. Rather a testosterone filled, bad mouthed barking master a-hole he so frequently writes about that he says he loathes. Bad chamois cream Mikey?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

can't please everybody, lil' one.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you hear what Contador is going to say!
You will all have to shake your head and wonder. This is going to be the biggest news of the year and that means BIG.
Dr Nitro are you ready ro have a thermometer shoved up your A Hole with no lube? You might like that, but Contadors news you will not like.

Anonymous said...

"Wait until you hear what Contador is going to say!"

How can such an asshole be in-the-know? Life is not fair. Always the cock-suckers that get ahead. Probably an inside trader too....

dr-nitro said...

I think that someone needs to pet your kitties, Mike.

Then again, you might want to keep him away from them. Probably a kitty hater, too.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

nobody should hate cuddly little pussies.

dr-nitro said...

Well, when you put it that way I almost feel like trading in my pooch for a pussy.

Anonymous said...

"Wait until you hear what Contador is going to say!"

I know, AC will announce that Pound is his father...

wait was that you Dick?

WarrenG said...

Kitty hater? Not me. We have two. They're spoiled. One on my lap at the moment.

...sarcasm is missed at times.

dr-nitro said...

No no, it's that Contador was created from the sperm from Lance's cancer ridden testicle. He was grown in a special incubator at a rapid rate. That is why he has a dark complexion, cooked at too high a heat.

After extensive consultation, the UCI decided that while future rules will not allow such creations to race, that there was no rule in place, so they must let Contador keep his jersey. And of course, this will be first, since there has never been a father and son winner of the Tour.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oh sweet jesus...

Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris has destroyed the periodic table, because Chuck Norris only recognizes the element of surprise.

Velo Bella said...

I wonder if Mary Ellen's dad is reading this?
Hi Mary Ellens dad!!

CyclistRick said...

Anon opined:

Wait until you hear what Contador is going to say!
You will all have to shake your head and wonder. This is going to be the biggest news of the year and that means BIG.

oh yeah. 'I never did it' is big news, really BIG news .... probably will be the story of the century.

Breeego said...

Why can't my kitty be so painfully car-lovingly delicious? We could go to all the races together so that nobody would have to get mad and poop outside the box when left home alone.