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Monday, August 27, 2007

thought i felt an itch

whelp, looks like i'm gonna make another trek to that gawdamn circle-jerk of a town ... Las Vegas.

CrossVegas is on for September 26th and i'm gonna sell a few pints to the horned-one to try and get my shoulder in enough shape to race the scene. i mean ... it's a cross race ... at Interbike.

i gotta go.

I'll try and get on the trainer next week and will kill cells to salvage something, anything of the fitness from this year's blood wars.

ah well ~ whatchyagonna do?

luckily, i received a can of "heal-all" from the Man that night of the surgery. Sabine braved the dark and demonics to search out the twisted one, wooing and wowing them all with her spandexia kickasschula . He was dutifully impressed and sent back the warm elixir - enough to point me square and straight down that dearly bought and rarely braved road to recovery ... payment due upon completion.

ya'll know the score. it's how i roll.

i loathe vegas, though. just despise that fucking place. it really is a bit of a felony that Interbike chooses to keep the cluster down in that pit. Yeah, it makes them money and yeah convenient for traval and it's blahblahblah ...

but fukkinghell folks, it's Las Vegas.

... stupid bike industry. but it's not my show and rarely my scene. i'm not part of the machine and only a casual observer to that bit of struggle for Piggy's conch.

and yet, if i'm gonna split the sin and go down there for some evilry ... might as well do it full-metal and Cross my ass off.



dr-nitro said...

Dude, are you, like, I don't know, something like as smart as a South African or Iraqi school child who can't find the U.S. on the map, just like 1 out of 5
Americans, thinking that you could actually sling a bike onto your wrecked shoulder so soon?

Really, Miss Teen South Carolina, use your head.

Rye said...

Right on! I never meet anyone who loathes 'Vegas as much I do! I've never been to interbike and I refuse to go as long as it's held there.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

don't worry Nitro ... i'll be ready.

sides, like i ever shoulder a bike anyway.

and Rye, i'll send you pics.

dblrider said...

And my friends say I'm crazy... I only bruised my a-c and rotator cuff in May at Steinbeck and spent 4 days slung-up before I hit the trainer again. Damn... Hope you lift the 'cross machine with your right arm.

dr-nitro said...

Me worry? Nah. But I suspect that tu esposa will break your other collar bone when she gets wind of this whacky plan. Can you do the trainer with no hands?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

nick ... you said a mouthful.

i'm in a world of shit when she follows that link.

Velo Bella said...

Don't mind the trainer pic...but a cross race 4 weeks from now?

I'm working late tonight.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

my punishment.

come home on time!

shawndoggy said...

at least you are wearing the right kit in the photo.

dr-nitro said...

Busted (pun intended).

Seriously, Mike, look at the big picture. If you screw up your shoulder before it heals properly, you'll be out for a lot longer than 6 weeks.

I mean hey, if you can get your rocks off announcing races instead of racing them, then risk it. But if you want to be like, say, that old kook, H. Kramer, still tearing it up past the half century mark, then give it a rest.

Besides, God is probably going to strike down all the X'ers who strut their stuff at Sin City.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

a cross race in four weeks.

i have no doubt you can be ready. i can hear that goddam trainer of yours screaming from here. shit, i have no doubt that you could be crossing in two weeks, eagerly sucking up the pain.

but, you cannot risk a fall that soon. and you know it.

now, don't make me come down there...

Little_Jewford said...

I could really re-injure your shoulder racing CX that soon....or getting smashed and stumbling into a craps table at 5am while getting chased out of a casino by security (it can me)


A. Squirrel said...

Argh..... Don't knock Vegas. I used to hate it too 'till I lived there. Now I can't wait to get back. Heal up soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh big deal.
I broke my shoulder in 8 places and rode home so I could get some extra training in before I went to the doc. Get off that trainer Mikey, you can handle it. It only hurts when you have to hold on.

lauren said...

hey michael, i just zoomed in on that picture of you on the trainer and i can see the crack pipe sitting next to you.

put down the pipe. come out from behind the smoke. 4 weeks is awfully soon...

swiggco world said...

Yo, Vanderman- don't get on the horse until that calf turns into a full grown cow. All Iv'e got is a busted thumb and I might not ride for two months......I'm going to start running next week, though. Hey, Vegas does suck and there are some of us in the bike biz that don't go near that place. Interbike used to almost be fun back in the Anaheim days but Vegas ? Does not compute.

Nome Agusta said...

Your shoulder isn't what will hold you back. If you really are dealing with Compartment Syndrome you won't be racing shit for a while. Probably for a few months at least.

As for the shoulder I'll quote Howard Stern's father "don't be stupid you moron".

I digress, cuz I know you are just blowing smoke and talking it up to get the boredom out of the system.
I am pretty sure you are smart enough to do the right thing.

Ippoc Amic said...

I like dad got married there when he was 75...didn't want to live in too much sin...

Anonymous said...

Nome stop making excuses if you can not race good every race.
If you get dropped, you get dropped! Do not be a poor loser and say you CANT do things.

You get dropped, then take it like a man and dont say it is because of this problem or because of that problem.

The problem was you got beat, so suck it up and dont be baby.

You are a excuse maker, instead of a guy who will give others their props for dropping you.

Funny how when you lose a race or race bad, it is this or that as an excuse. And not you giving out a good job to the guys who were simply better then you that day.

Well it goes both ways, just like I think you might.

It could just be that the other guys were better then you and stronger then you that day, and they even might have had similar problems as you.

Why is it you seem to have a little mans complex?

Olaf at least says hey, I will suit it up and try my best when they say go. olaf does not make excuses.
Well maybe a few hundred excuses, but it is such a different theme then your excuses.


Anonymous said...

here you go

if you think you can ride a bike and take a fall

please match this}}}}}}}}}}

and remember any racing around here is fun, and nothing to take too serious,
but i will be going to Vegas and race my ass off, and then have the real fun after in the bars and with all the girls i can afford!

usually 2 girls at a time for about 4 times, then i am broke.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You will be ready to go by then for sure. Cross Vegas!
If you just keep positive and get ready to race, you will do fine.
Be sure and drink lots of Ale between now and then as my doctor told me Ale will heal the body as the carbs are high and the protein is enriched and goes straight in the blood and right out your pee hole.
Plus the night life in Vegas is worth the trip and What Goes on in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

glennzgarage said...

Things that made ME laugh... tranquilizer gun and crack pipe. gl

Nome Agusta said...

Hey OV, thanks for the tips on the CX equipment. I will definitely keep a watch for the cues if some modifications are needed.

Anonymous Z.TM., you have issues. People usually see the things that they are most sensitive too. Perhaps you need to take your finger and point it in the opposite direction. It is a well known psychological trait that we can easily recognize the faults in others because they are faults of our own.
In simple terms "it takes one to know one".
In your case this is even more apparent because your comment is out of context and unprompted.
I am not saying you (whom ever you is) are wrong, I am just saying "where the hell did that come from?".

Anonymous said...

Tyler H. raced 3 weeks with a broken collar bone...

geeeez, give the guy (OV) a break.

No pun intended.

dr-nitro said...

NASA logic.

1986. Challenger went up with O-ring problems before, we can continue to launch until we fix them.

2003. Columbia and other orbiters have landed just fine after being struck by foam from the booster before. We'll continue to launch until we fix the problem.

We know the consequences of the logic that NASA applied above.

Can you race with unmended bones and be fine?

Can you cause permanent damage wrecking on unmended bones?

Offering examples that you can race on unmended bones does not prove that it is not dangerous.

But like I said, the biggest danger probably come from VB whipping some sense into the boy.

Anonymous said...

Where have I been? Don't want to get everyone's panties wound up tight, but re: Broxter wanting to widely distribute a past Hellyer BOD Pres's comments about a list gone awry...I say get the facts straight man. (8/15 or thereabouts)Mr. Haradway had all the facts wrong and he should be the one doing the mea culpa's. Get the real skinny from those in the know. Dare I say--Maybe even Mike will own up to his erroneous ramblings. Naw! Ain't gomma happen.

cxwrench said...

oh yeah...c-ya in vegas, baby!