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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

super quick randalomes

the delayed onset of sCruzian summer fog-itis ...

gawdammit ~ the mists have dropped. that blanket of gloom and chill has finally hit on paradise's shores. 15 miles inland, it's in the 90's ... but here on the coast, it's knee warmers and a jacket for the riding.

and so it goes. (small price to pay ... but it's still a payment and i can begrudge just a wee bit, no?)
- - -

Cascade Classic ~

It's all boyjuice up in Oregon this week as the teams turn back to stage racing. The women's race was called off this year from cold feet, but the men's race looks to be fully committed.

Toyota United took a big blow to the noggin with Henk snapping a shoulder at Infineon this weekend. You hate to see something like that happen, but sakes alive ... it sure'nuff do help BJM in his bid to win the NRC prize.

With one of the best leadout men in the universe out for a few weeks, Stevic will be not quite so lethal in his crit sprints. But, he'll still be lethal.

If Ben can hold off Baldwin at Cascade and try and limit Stevic getting points ... it will make for an interesting run through the rest of the NRC calendar.

Speaking of NRC standings, Webcor really loses out with the cancellation of Cascade for la' femmes. Van Guilder the bodybuilder would have lost out on big points to the girls in green stage racing machine ... putting Abbot, Heal, and likely Rais close to, or in front of the crit specialist in the overall standings. But with only 'Toona remaining on the schedule that isn't crit-erific ... it looks like the Cheerwine rider might be able to squeak out the title this year.

that would be a huge result for the sweet soda girls.
- - -

Still waiting for word of FLandis' testy ruling. No matter what the ruling, the case will be appealed to CAS ... which will take another year to resolve.

what a barrel full of idiots.
- - -


Velo Bella said...

that picture makes me wince

its sunny here by the way

PROMANgirl said...

Landis is at the Book Passage in Corte Madera (marin) 7pm saturday, will be interesting Q & A......

Courtenay said...

Why do you and Rob E. mis-spell LVG's name? She's only got the most-published-name-in-domestic-women's-racing these days! It's Laura Van Gilder. One U.

Have a good Wednesday.

P.S. Sorry to quibble. I also corrected the Infineon announcers who kept calling her team Diet Cheerwine. They aren't Diet! It's just Cheerwine! I got the stinkeye but come on...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

because, dahling ~

"van guilder the body builder" works a bit better.

i'm thinking of just shortening it to van builder ...

Velo Bella said...

Guilder is more romantic too
all epic sounding.

Hooptie said...

I cant spell anything right...I can even fool spell check.