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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

quick scribble

I'll admit it, not much of a fan of the Danish Chicken.

but ...

the boy scores big points for smackin down some serious shit-talk ~

"Now there is no doubt about who is the captain of this team is. I stayed close to Valverde because he had another teammate up there. I felt like it was a victory for me to be able to fight back the 25 times Valverde tried to attack. I felt very clear in the head today seeing the tactics of the race. It was disappointing that Menchov couldn't get his ass over the Galibier. I think it's a climber's Tour."

oh .... hell yeah.
- - -

and how about Vino crashing into tears after the finish?

i love that kind of suffering.


dr-nitro said...

Hey, I used that quote. Thief.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Anonymous said...

let's see how chicken does in the tt...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Rasmussen could lose 5 minutes to Kloden and Menchov in the first TT.

and 4-5 to Moreau.

Saturday's stage is going to be fascinating.

X Bunny said...

i've been looking forward to the tt so we can update our points in the pool

which is silly cuz i'm not likely to get any

jason said...

I think I have to upgrade now. See you at districts.


dr-nitro said...

Rasmussen "could" lose 5 minutes. He will be lucky if he only loses that much. He has admitted that he does not even practice time trials. He'll lose some more in the mountains, too. Expect a Spanish sword fight in the Pyrenees.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Yeah Walker!

knew there was gonna be a GC win at some point. nice to have it at such a great race.

see you at Diamond Valley, bud.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what it is about the Chicken-King you dont quite like?
He's one of the nicest dudes in the peloton. Considering english is his second language, astoundingly articulate too. (Moooore than you can say about a few Bloggers out there) Oh, and you should replace the flower on your helmet with a "PocketPussy", since youre so fukked in the head :)

John Gadrets chamois

Phipps said...

Dang it!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

now that's some good shit talk.

lauren said...

i love shit talking.

i had to look up what a pocket pussy is. good lord.

i like chicken man. he's got spunk. but he wasn't one of my picks.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

hey olaf, look at email pleez

cyclingsloat said...

Hey Olaf, Have you checked out thses scribblins about chicken boy?

dr-nitro said...

You have a hater, Mike. I'm not fooled by that little smiley.

What I really love is people to rip on grammar in blogs. For crying out loud, were writing in anger here (borrowing from a certain cycling commentator), people.

dr-nitro said...

I certainly must have something better to do than respond to blog posts, but until I find what they are, I keep on hitting the Publish Your Comment link.

Chicken boy, and what I think is wrong with him. He's neurotic. Anyone who obsesses over the grams on his bike (apparently won't lift his leg over a bike that is more than 10 grams over the UCI limit) is fragile. Be meticulous. Be slightly OCD. But you need to let go once in a while, otherwise you crack big time when things are amiss. Can we say final time trial two years ago.

He does not come off as an ass, like some, but he does not inspire (other than nightmares from his freakish looks). That said, I still think that he gave us the smack-talk quote of the tour. To his own team mate no less.

Artemis said...

Don't ya think that maybe, just maybe, Le Tour has been so unpredictable this year because there may be, just may be, less drug usage? And maybe, just maybe, all them dang crashes may be caused in part by them ridiculously light frames and components?

Anonymous said...

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