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Monday, July 09, 2007

gonna leave a mark...

VsNewz has video coverage up of today's Stage sprint.

i'm gonna guess this is Haussler causing all the cock-up, but who knows. watch the vid and you can see some guy cause the crash, bump off a rider and somehow keep it upright ... not a scratch on him.

meanwhile behind ~ le ouch.
- - -

legs feel surprisingly good after this weekend's too much beer and biking.

that Infineon course may be ugly, shyte for a venue, and a complete rip-off ... but man, what an epic little circuit. and, it was pretty cool to look up from the parking gravel to see all the downhillers throwing themselves off the edge, then turn around and look down on the roadies beating themselves into submission on the baking windswept tarmac.

More random notes from the weekend:

  1. Ozzie had to have had 4 thousand fans out there cheering him on at Infineon. We were riding together for the final laps, suffering like dogs, and every few minutes a "go Ozzie" would erupt out of nowhere.

    He even had that douche of an announcer mangle his name in almost-applause, "and there's Ostalmo Osavalamo".

    what a wank.

  2. speaking of announcers - worked with Fries at the San Rafael crit and gotta admit, the guy knows how to put on a show. He was on top of getting the whole shabang running smoothly, building vibe, and organizing the mayhem.

    but man, we gotta work on his white-man dance steps.

    Still, the best announcer i have ever heard in a bike race has to be Dave Towle. The guy blends excitement for the sport, familiarity with the players, keen insight for the afficianados ... and he's butter smooth.

    After shooting off more than a few dozen retarded half-sentences Saturday nite, i can better appreciate just what skillz that boys got.

  3. Masters District races this weekend at the Hellyer'Drome.

    We Bagboys are gonna try and kill ourselves in the team pursuit and sprint.

    uh ... talk about retarded.


Velo Bella said...

At least he kept his shirt on

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


robert said...

Whadabout Mt Diablo Hill Thrutch and Lafingyet crit?

Com' on you can do all 3... and I'll be sure to give you a special mention on the mic.

ddt said...

good job at the mike, michael. Sorry to have acosted you at the chica's podium... Know I really should buy you flowers first. Hope we can actually catch up sometime -- but you're so damn fast, you are a hard man to catch.

dr-nitro said...

Zabel touched Boonen's wheel and caused the spill. The old man has lost his touch.

jAndy donka-donk said...

and then opened the gap on robbie and co....

Zabel needs to get back on the program or get out of the way...

California Giant Cycling said...

a got a cup of strawberry juice ready to chuck on you S.O.B!!!

WarrenG said...

There is going to be some serious throw down at States this year! Check out this group, just in the 3k pursuit...

Ted Burns
Kyle Glerum
Michael Hernandez
Robin Horwitz
Dan Martin
Matthew McNamara
Brian Peterson
Jonathan Racine
Steve Reaney
Scott Rodamaker
Pritpal Singh

And in the 40-44...
David Del Rosso
Michael Hutchinson
Andrew Nevitt
Bobby Walthour

And in the sprints and TT's, age 45 and up, there are at least a half-dozen guys who will be on the podium at Nat's in August.

Fast is fun!

adventuregrrl said...

Thanks for the comment over at True Grime (I won't blogwhore myself, but you can if you want!) and I thought I'd come over here and check it out. What a cool blog! I've been away from bike racing for long, long time--it's good to come back. And anyone who posts pics of the Trailer Park Boys is a friend of mine!

T. Marie said...

oh, bad call on that last sentence michael. I mean, I hear "retarded" is pretty not politically correct and all.

Anonymous said...

I think Dave Towle is totally annoying for some reason. I have other people say so too.

But what do I know.... : )

Anonymous said...

I liked McEwen's excuse for why he went down the first day. "Milram guy plowed into the rear of me". Footage clearly shows McEwe going down on his dumper well before getting hit from behind. Fucktard. Always has an excuse at the ready...

Anonymous said...

announcing is for sure a love/hate thing

some folks might really love one announcer and apreciate their wisdom and excuberance, while someone else might be annoyed by that same announcer.

Towle is what it is............

but if you are a hater, you probably are a hater and bitter person in general

instead of just taking his style for what it is

I can remember Towle being a nobody on the cycling scene and now he thinks he is a rock star

but his
one to go, one to go, one to go, one to go, one to go, one to go, one to go, one to go, one to go, one to go
has evolved into a cool gig

and also odds are if you dont like him, others dont like you,
and if you ever tried to announce you couldnt do much better

hernando was even worse, but at least he had the G-Strings to get behind the mikey and talk it up and pump up the race scene