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Saturday, July 28, 2007

"fly little pelican, fly"

so right on ... Contador wins the Tour. good for him and good for the Disco boobs as they search for a new bag of dollars to dip into next year. this little sandwhiching of the podium certainly won't hurt that quest.

and, hats off to LippyHeimer ... i mean, that's a fair bit of huge riding in a TT.


local-yokel scene was the masters district road race today up in the Sierra Nevadas. it was almost too hot and not quite too windy and pretty much a normal day at the office for us bagboys.

It was just me n' the DanO today against a pretty good field o' monsters. The only two big namers missing might have been Bosch and Reaney ~ but otherwise, a strong, motivated group of 35+'ers.

After a couple laps of blah-blah, nothing to see here ~ Taz and I went to bidness and starting hitting the field like we normally do. Dan went off with AltoVelo's TColdWell and a couple of other guys. They burned off one, then another and it was just those two scorching a path of destruction the rest of the way.

The chase behind was attempted, but it never could overtake the leading two. That leading duo were hammering harder than should be allowed on a sunny Saturday afternoon in vacations-ville. Most of the chasing was done by ZTeam's Phipps, PacBank's Andres the Gil, EMC's Nate I-can't-remember-his-lastname, and 3 or 4 other guys i didn't recognize but who were giving it some good gas. Well ... those guys and then the AMD boys after their dude in the break cracked and got shit out with 25 miles to go. But by that point, AMD only had 3 riders in the remaining pack of about 15, so it wasn't enough to bring back Dan and Tracy- even though the chase was pretty stiff.

Chris Phipps played it right, chasing with the other dogs but finally launching off solo with 4 miles to go. As long as he was solo, it was fine with me and the Alto Velo riders ... he wouldn't bridge across to Dan and Tracy and took just that bit of steam out of the chase group as they concentrated on his 3rd and not the leading fight for the win. So, it all worked out in the end - cuz Dan won ... yeah for the SafeWay.

The Women's 1st wave field was over 30 riders as they had 3 age-groups all racing together. Unfortunately, some bodies at Registration forgot to think to separate the number series ... so there was confusion as to who was 30-34, 35-39, or 40-44.

When asked at the starting line how they were supposed to know the difference, the response was an insulting "just ride at the front!"

uh, fuck you.

It reminds me of the bullshit some ref gave the women's field at Albany last weekend.

"and if i see ANY shoulder to shoulder chatting in this race, i'll start pulling riders."

double fuck you.

i think i'm about fed up with this double standard. i have NEVER heard, or heard of anyone saying to a p1/2 men's field that they would "pull riders" if the racing had "chatting". And i have been in some fukall SLOW, and non-aggressive p1/2 races in my day.


but, i'm probably just bitchy and moaning because the hotel we're staying at doesn't have that stupid kickboxing, cage-fighting TV channel that occassionally shows some bike racing.

and i kinda wanted to see the TT from the tour today ... and clap.

i miss track racing.

hernando the raging cunt, out


Dino Dante said...

Hey, you may be a raging cunt but you do it with such panache. I miss the track too, up the bank is my idea of a good climb! No VS at the Best Value either. Bah!!!

chatterbox said...

Rage, rage! Congrats to the bagboyz on the win. Nice work.

Sorry to hear about the number weirdness for the ladies. That sucks.

dr-nitro said...

Oh, just more stories of bagboy domination.

At least you missed a damn good TT. Almost 1989 caliber. But poor Levi, though, just one Bidon pull from the second spot on the podium.

Anonymous said...

nitro someone needs to but a bidon up your rear cavity and then give you a pull to get you into a racing group and off your computer

WarrenG said...

This is kind of self-something or other, but when you agree to host the State Championships you should understand that this race might be the most important race of the season for some/most of the riders, and they, and the race should be treated that way.

At Masters State Track we just marked the numbers of riders in different age groups with a different colored marker-duh.

I think somebody with that organizing org needs a strong reprimand and should apologize to every rider for being so flippant, and the same goes for whoever that ref was at Albany.

Contact the people who can do something. With all that some people do to encourage women's racing, crap like that can't be happening.

Oh, yeah it was fun to watch that TT today. There were a few minutes when the Tour winner was about up for grabs. And afterwards, all three guys were classy about their placings and their fellow podium mates, without a hint of arrogance or bravado. That was a refreshing change from the previous 8+ years.

For all that's gone on in this Tour it turned out well, with some good guys on the steps.

Anonymous said...

Masters track racing should be done naked, then they could just mark a certain color pen on your hairy ass body!

Masters state track racing is basically the same as big wheel racing when you were 8 years old.

Now go write a letter to USA Cycling and see what kind of response you get, they will charge you 20$ to file your complaint.

Anonymous said...

But that is womens racing, chatting, and laughing, and talking about when the next cookie eating session is.

I pitty the fool who would ever question the refs around Nor Cal.

Also can someone tell Casey K. to please speak with a much deeper voice when he does announcing. Please. I brought my family and my wife's parents to the last race and they couldnt believe that the announcer was a guy and not a teenage pre prubecent boy, or a flamer from the streets of San Fran who was looking for a pre prubecent boy. If he is going to announce he really needs to get it right, and speak with a deeper voice, or someone needs to punch him in that giant gut of his and then he would have to speak a little more masculine.

Ippoc Amic said...

Best Western doesn't hsve fly fishing either but the wireless helps...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

this world would be a helluva lot better if more people rode big wheels, like they did when they were 8 years old.

in fact, that should be America's top export to the world ... big wheels.

green, fun generating, and non-lethal.

dr-nitro said...

marscat said...

the more i think about the numbering, the more i am miffed...and they should have given us our own field.

Anonymous said...

Big wheel racing was very hip in the late 70's.

I can remember neighborhood competitons that paved the way for future champions of the bicycle.

Then they would of course have the stunt show following the big wheel races, where a old wood, very small, ramp was set up and the local dare devil would jump over the kids laying on the ground lined up like buses on his bmx bike. That poor last kid in line really was gutsy just in case the jumper did not have enough speed to clear the helpless kids laying on the ground.

And as far as womens racing goes, our neighborhood champion was named Sally Armstrong, and she went undefeated for 3 straight summers.

She had more control of her big wheel then anyone. Her slide turns were incredible and she actually zipped her big wheel up by adding flowers to the end of each handle bar device and added a special double pull handle break to both sides of the rear wheels.

Finally we made up some local official from one of the boys parents, who DQ'd her for a non specific big wheel set up, and her unbeaten streak was over.

Never heard from Sally A. after she moved, but I did hear she was one of the founders of Intel Corp. and cashed out when she sold her shares a few years back, 471$ million or something like that.

Levi's Chamois said...


Anonymous said...

Hope you are ok!

nosajpalnud said...

Let's hope Jeff's ok too and has a speedy recovery

Anonymous said...

Re: women's race, I agree that the official's comment, if as reported, was totally bullshit. As for not having a separate bib number series for each age group, might have had something to do with the fact that pre-reg for 30+, 35+ and 40+ was two, seven, and fourteen, respectively. Just sayin.'

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

thanks for the comments about the double standard. I think i'm just in one of those moods lately, too, although for me I'm not even able to muster the energy to blog about much of anything, so I'm silent. Thankfully people like you keep blogging regardless!
and congrats on your team's victory.