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Thursday, July 19, 2007

dance, chicken ... dance

no medals for Rassmussy ~

"The DCU is not saying that Michael tested positive," he said. "But there are a number of question marks over his behaviour and attitude" that place doubts over his place in the national team.
... this guy focuses on one race a year. does anyone remember him in any results throughout the year? any races at all?

but boyOboy ~ he sure is flying them baka-bawka wings come end of July.

mmmhmmm ...


Jeremy T. Arnold said...

Skadelig Tidtagning.

Really Skadelig Tidtagning.

dr-nitro said...

Oh, now you're just getting gossipy. He's fragile. Only has enough umph for one effort a year. He did do the Giro. No results, but gain, fragile little chicken.

Anonymous said...

so many mmhmm's for one day.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

you know, i've never been able to decide which looks more suspicious to me: guys who do little to nothing all year and then have amazing success all at once(usually in the most important of races, mind you), or, guys who ride at the highest level and get big results all year long. both instances seem unlikely to me without some sort of "help".

Anonymous said...

My picks for the TT..........
I think Kloden and Vino will do well, they will be in the top 5 I hope. Then Sastre will also light it up like Olaf predicted! Sastre will for sure be in the top placings somewhere, just like Olaf knows.

Then I feel Cancellara, or maybe Millar will post a good time.
Maybe even Hincapie.

Then I think that Valverde and Contador and Levi will be close. But for sure behind Sastre.

Olaf knows all.

As far as Rassmusen goes, he will have a lot on his mind, I hope he can hold it together and not crash.

Anonymous said...

Kim Kirchen for The Transperacy Moblie squad is riding pretty good, he might shock some folks in the Time Trial.

But it should be Cancellara doing a good ride and Kloden doing well. Evans will most likely hold his spot in the top of the GC.

Most of all Sastre is so strong now like Olaf said. He will put it to Valverde and Contador for sure and place high in the TT. Sastre is so strong for the TT, he is going to light it up for CSC and move up many placings for sure. Just like Vanderhoot predicts. He knows his cycling.

Lastly, Rassmusen might be pondering another type of trial besides the Time Trial......... he might be wondering how much time he has before he is on trial?

The day after the TT it is going to be pure UFC on the final climb. No holds fighting on that hill top finish.
That is going to be some serious warfare, I would like to see Vino make a move there, but he has only been dropped on every single important uphill of this Tour. Maybe Vino can do more then ride off the front on a flat stage by a 100 meters. But then maybe he was just getting his TT and climbing legs going in that weak move.

cycloscott said...

An alternate story of Chicken's nickname.