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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

this blogger is bogged at the moment

stupid work ...
- - -

French Peanut!

It turns out the enigmatic vego-matic Christina Vardaros has been called up to perform in la Grande Dame of cycling races, le Boucle.

what a huge experience. i hope she has time, interweb connections, and a few spare calories of energy to keep us posted of the dramas.

what an event. i'm so jealous.
- - -

Hunter Gone Wild

holee-shyte ... Hunter is doing that crazy-ass Great Divide Race that rides the spine of the Americas for about 2500 miles. Mary-Anne sent him out the door with a train ticket and a bag of beef jerkey - "you go have fun, honey!"

are you frickin' kidding me?

for those who don't know ... it's COMPLETELY self-supported on dirty trails through bear infested highlands with only your growing madness to keep you company.


check out the updates.

"Mike Curiak called in today at around 9:15 to comment on the race so far. As he says about Jay Petervary, Pete Basinger, and Matthew Lee: "those guys are smoking it." All three are well ahead of record pace, and Rick Hunter is "knocking on the door." Definitely an impressive field." (6/20)

Go Rick Go!
- - -

Cute Overload

i mean ... come'on ~ the only way kids racing track could be any more adorable is if you poured a box of kittens all over them.

I love bike riding.

I love that cycling allows us to freaks and nerdlings to show up and act sassy.

it's true ... there's a small amount of local's only ice that you've got to break through on the slopes of the velodrome. But ~ once you crack it with an open smile and willingness to be dorky... the hipness seeps out and treasures are to be found.
- - -

Nature Valley GP

It's set to begin today. This will be a ballbuster of a race this year. I've always wanted to try that Stillwater Crit and see if it's as hard as they say. 20% grade near the top? bring it.

The Women's field looks to be the best and most competitive of the year since the California spring classics. All the heavies will be in Minnesota to arm-wrestle eachother into submission.

VAC has Mactier with them again. She won the race a couple years ago ... wonder if she's gonna put those girls in the protector's train again like at Hood. Good experience for them chickas if she do. I see they've got hit-n-run Sato back on the roster - that's good news to hear. She was in too good of form this year before she got nailed by that jackass motorist. Hopefully, the rest of '07 will treat her well. They've also got the big engine McLaughlin guest-riding for them over there ... now that's a rider you can stick on the front for a few dozen K's to keep the peace.

TIBCO's Miller had a bit of breakthrough at this race last year. This year she's on better form and looks to have re-focused for this second half of the year after a stormer of a spring. I think she's going to win a stage.

But, the breakout rider this year is going to be Olds. Just nobody tell her. Shelley is still young and new enough to the sport that she doesn't need a ton of pressure put on her. But since she probably won't see internet during the race, i'm going to go ahead and call out that Olds will be getting big national press with this race.

she's ready.
- - -


the new and improved Hellyer'drome officially kicks off the year in a short 64 hours. oh, daddy ... i can't wait.

I'm pretty sure Giovanni is gonna bust out the fancy equipment and not play nice with me n' jeffe anymore. Him and the real trackies are gonna smack us around something pleasurable, but i don't mind.

The real racing has finally started and I want to soak it all up. I love learning new dance steps.

... and is it really fair that a cyclist has the name of Giovanni Rey? i mean ... how can you compete with that shit?


Brent said...

if I only had the balls to do GDR.
Go Rick!

Flandria said...

can you post link to the start list for nature valley? please?

Brent said...

oh yah if your interested in listening to the GDR:

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

rick is insane.

start list for NVGP, then select the options in the drop-down to see more riders.

T. Marie said...

i don't think taitt is actually racing... ?

Flandria said...

thanks Olaf!

X Bunny said...

uh, how long would this post be if you weren't bogged down at work?!

Velo Bella said...

he keeps adding to it

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

i bet it took him all of six minutes to write...


Giovanni is clearly one of the best riders out at Hellyah. He also seems like one of the nicest guys. I love it when that happens...

McSassy said...

Giovanni is clearly one of the best riders out at Hellyah. He also seems like one of the nicest guys. I love it when that happens...

Thats a rare thing and yes you have to love that.


ddt said...

Yeah, Taitt's just gotten clearance to use her left leg from the knee doc -- not that she needs two legs to bring it. Still, she's a no-go for Nature Valley.

But she's all excited to get back on the road and mix it up with y'all again!

Erik the angry said...

I just had a revelation. I think GDR is my calling. I thought it was TransRockies, but no, this is it.

DAMN YOU OV for reminding me of what I could be doing in an alternate exeistence!!

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

I always had a hunch that one had to be nuts to try make a living building bicycle frames. Rick doing this GDR thing seems to confirm my suspicions....

I hope he has a wonderful time, and comes back with amazing stories to tell and blog about....

Smithers said...

I've always wanted to try that Stillwater Crit and see if it's as hard as they say. 20% grade near the top? bring it.

Yea, it's not so climb once anyway...

giovanni said...

iz on. c'ya friday night ;)

... there is plenty and spit and vineger just under the surface that I try to hide as best as possible. so far so good, but you never know what will happen friday.

meh-wee-uhn said...

Re. Friday Nite: Go get 'em tiger.

pedro said...

Holy SHIT, Rick Hunter stole my dawg!

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

no fair spitting around olaf--he is still on spitting probation...

Hooptie said...

NVGP Chicks Race Report:
Less than half way to go in the Stage 1 crit, but no lap cards showing. Shelley is in a break of 6 w/ over 20sec. Cheerwine is in the break, but just started to chase.
Stay Tuned

Hooptie said...

5 to go, Webcor (absent from the break) drilled it and brought the break to within 10sec, then no other teams rolled is back to 20sec!

Hooptie said...

1 to go, clearly the winning move. Also in the move is K Armstrong (Lipton) and F Gomez (Aarons)

Hooptie said...

Also marple in the move

Hooptie said...

Cherwine wins, Shelley takes 2nd! HOLY SHITE!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

gaaaahhh ... GO SHELLEY GO!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


sprinters jersey to start tomorrow?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

and somehow, i have the feeling that the Cheerwine rider wasn't working all that hard with their big sprinter in the field.

daaaaym ... what a way to start it.


thanks for the updates, Hooptie.

Anonymous said...

some girls get all the luck

Hooptie said...

Just got off the phone w/ Shelley, there was a crash just as Cheerwine attacked (on the last lap) that got her (Cheerwine) the gap. Shelley scooped up some sprint points as she is 2nd in GC and I think 2nd in Sprint points.

Not sure who crashed, it was not Marple.

Anonymous said...

Alright Shelley!

This got me amped for the Valley ride Championships. I am winning that sprint in my 84 inch gear tonight (I'll be the sketchy Kook bobbing up and down trying to spin at 170 rpm)!

See you out there Rob? Mike, foggy today?? :-)


Hooptie said...

Correction, Shelley is in the sprinters jersey! See you at the Valley ride!

Anonymous said...

As (un)official Pro-Ho, I know Taitt as her part-time, fill-in mechanic through the Central Valley hoopla in March. She's just gotten back on the bike via trainer and it will take a while but she will be back... yes!

Go VAC hotties on the SerHOTa's!

Cya in M'hattan Beach

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Smithers has a camphone shot that looks like a VAC rider was in the break, too.

that would make at least 3 NorCal riders in a break of 6. oh, hell yeah.

i think it might have been Courtenay Brown. another big step. hope it was her.

hmm ... hope we get details about that crash and some results tonite.

PROMANgirl said...

Shelley rode an awesome race, in fact the whole team did. Guest rider Virginia Perkins, stayed with Shelley until Shelley bridged to the break - Chris Black yelled at Shelley to bridge and she did. Webcor made a valiant attempt to bring it back. Awesome racing PROMAN ladies!