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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

San Jose World Championships

After work yesterday, humped it over the sCruzian hills and checked out the final few laps of suffering on the Coyote Creek course.

i love twilight training races like these. they're filled with locals who might only do 1 or none USAC sanctioned races in a year (or a life) ... but man-O-man, these cats throw down like there's no tomorrow.

last nite, as the cards were played serious in the final half hour of racing, there was a bit of field overlap between categories. It made for a shingle, or two of frustration for the racers and scorers, but i loved it because i got to see my woman grit and stick with the bigboy attacks up and over that bitch of a power climb.

damn sexy.


russellp said...

Wow, those crits are stupid close to where I work.


Nah, wait for 'cross season. But I could/should watch.

Velo Bella said...

stupid close to where i work too, unfortunately

veloandvino said...

see you all next week..i hope.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

do it Russell ... do it.

next week i take pictures!

look good for the camera, Hootch.

Anonymous said...

Wed. night crit:
No number to pin on = sweet

Anonymous said...

Sorry Hernandude, these are the only events I can get a "w" in. I just get my clock cleaned too many times in the sanctioned races.