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Monday, June 25, 2007

le ouch

got some pics up of Saturday's CCCX mtb race.

supah fast course that saw much pedaling and gnashing of teeth.

i stupidly thought a 32x18 would be a good gear to try for the race.

... it about killed me. well, that and the seatpost frozen in the frame and about a cm too high.

i don't wanna talk about it.


nosajpalnud said...

looks like you went the "wrong way"

ginmtb said...

You shoulda been mashing a 2:1 on that course with your fitness. A real Wrong Way man woulda...

jeninsb said...

dude, where's my hill?
thanks for the pics!
fun times :-)

The Sage said...

Dawg...I see you signed up for the Fremont Crit....shall we try to repeat?

X Bunny said...

got a report at the b-game from loca on your fun in the dirt

yay for a podium for vb!

i'll tell you in person what she said about oV

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

jd - wrong in every way.

gin - now you tell me, thanks.

jen - up is good, down is better.

sage - it's on, baby.

xbun - loca blows.

Rich Maile said...

Mikey, 2:1 or bigger for a flatish course. Remember you can run as fast as a slow person on a short climb. Does this mean you are willing to strip the ders for cx too? heh heh heh!!

Velo Bella said...

Thats what he gets for riding a girl's bike.

I LOVE my 32:18!!!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

CX on a single?


and my hoohaw still hurts.

robert said...

Great pic of Andy May. Andy is a super nice guy and ex-team mate that focuses on MTB.

As an aside, my first ride after a 10 year hiatus was going up North Gate of Diablo with Andy and a bunch of Danville resident studs. I was soooo far back that Andy and Ms Curi came back to see where I was. Such class, even after I gave him stick for beating me with my 2 good legs.

Great Pic!

Anonymous said...

I saw you out there at the cccx race, it was so great to see you doing the dirt thing and showing you are not just a roadie during the summer months. You seemed to be going pretty good, so dont make excuses and feel sorry for yourself. You cant win them all, so just be happy you were healthy enough to give it a try. please dont be a little cry baby!