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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Folsom Crit

Got some pictures up from the crit.

Probably the best industrial crit venue in NorCal - excellent parking, safe and closed course, butter smooth pavement, loads of food and espresso within walking distance, TONS of shade and lush corporate grass to roll around on ...

Excellent racing put on by the SN team.

but, we gotta get them a PA system. that announcing was needing to be heard more.

'cuz it rocked.


Chris said...

Great pictures. Those women look like they are throwing down.

nosajpalnud said...

The permit was a pain in the ass as it is according to KirkPatty and having a PA would have made it even more difficult as there is a separate and prolonged process to get it. I guess the bullhorn was ok and KP was havin' some fun there.

Nice ridin' - you and PAB bitch slapped everyone in the geezers race. Leggies were a bit tired from two breaks in the 3s race and a heartbreaker in the sprint - F*&%. Sooner or later we're gonna get ya though.

And I'm wondering if Tracy Ford was not dropping a hint to Hutch there on the license thingy - that or a darned good gotcha.

Anonymous said...

Nice Tee. Gotta get me one of those although I don't dance.

Chico Cyclist said...

Winnin' the NC Classic - Dude, you rock!!!! That was quite an attack - saw you and Taz just take off and figured, man, that's the race right there. Great to see you guys racing - that was too much fun. Okay, so now, I have yet another year to prepare. I'm least a million vomit launch intervals from now 'til then might keep me in the hunt through lap 1! Brutal racing out there.

banks said...

You won Nevada City!!? Congrats. "Just two more" indeed.