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Monday, May 21, 2007

sappy stuff (or, why i'm a cheese-eater)

This weekend i saw regular folks doing exceptional things.

and that's what i love about cycling, i suppose.

not the pro-stuff, though that is fun to pay the quarter and watch.

No, i'm talkin' about regular cycling, the real cycling. The schmo's getting off work and taking care of families and each other ... going out there and risking life and limb on the weekends for no other reason than that they get to drink it all in.

and i love and respect those that do it without the me-me-itis that seems so prevelant in our society. I respect those that are empathetic, brave, scared, witty, classy, subdued, giggly.

I respect those that risk, overcome, smile at their secret ambitions but don't turn their nose up when we want to sit down and just cry for a few minutes.

I love good-natured rule breakers and the disregarders of societal norms, the smiling deny'ers of this-is-how-you-must-be.

I wish all could be so lucky.


Ippoc Amic said...

us kitty schmoes loves our racing...and that hill climb could have brought tears to my eyes but it's hard to climb and cry at the same time because then you hiccup and can't breathe...

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

I think you just about got it! In the past 36 hours I did manage to laugh, cry, be scared, be elated, spend time with old friends, meet new ones bound to become fast friends, learn from my mistakes, be thrilled for the success of others, be excited to surpass my own expectations, be completely flattered by a teammates sacrifices for me, and push myself harder than I thought possible :-). I was sad when it was over. Just infectious to be around such wonderful folks. Fabulous! (im sappy about it, too)