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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


well, shyte ... time is buzzing past me like the lost swarms of pollenators.

Madera Stage Race:

this shit is for real. if you can blast through all these stages with strength, you're gonna come out the dark side spit-shined and breathing flames. It's short, intense, and will decapitate if you flinch.

This is a stage race on the micro ... you dig? Every second you spend out there influences your performance. If you are serious about it, you can learn much you need to know to become a good stage racer.

  • Preparation - not only of training, but of equipment, nutrition, and the odds and ends of what it takes to live on the fly from event to event in the most unforgiving circumstances.
  • Gauging the effort - knowing when not to waste effort. knowing when you ARE wasting it. Stage racing is all about being completely aware, at all times.
  • Tactics - reading the pack, communicating with your teammates, predicting as best you can your competitors and adapting when you need it most. Stage racing is grad school, baby.
  • Morale - the key, the essence. Can you overcome? Exhaustion, suffering, your body pleading for the pain to stop. wails of suffering.

    Stage racing is the greatest of soap operas. It has all the human drama ~ from the daring to the wimpering, the explosions of joy to the quiet who limp away unseen. The swings of emotion are what it's all about.

    We are alive ... in the 11t.


mo' later, yo. notime, notime!


Henri said...

dude, give me some of that stuff

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

The Bellas got straight A's....