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Monday, May 14, 2007

moral lessons

George Carlin

just in case you're new to it.


monk said...

good thing we'll be able
to do plenty of sun worshipping
this weekend.

I heard Joe Pesci digs Bakersfield?

Nick said...

Carlin rules

Anonymous said...

Certainly agree with Carlin on the whole religion scam and how far behind is the UCI/WADA scam and the t-mobile anti doping propaganda. All self serving power structures! Philip

sydney_b said...

so funny. What a great way to start my workday. :)

ljt said...

Wow….George makes one believe that anyone involved or even interested in God or religion must be a complete idiot. It is hard to imagine that millions of people around the world could be that stupid, but then again GW is our Pres and was elected TWICE!!!! I guess there really are legions of idiots out there.

However, to dissect some of the things George has said I have been thinking. Churches are always asking for money. When was the last time you went to a social club that didn’t, and as far as I know there has never been a church that has given out invoices as you leave the door or had a ticket booth where you shelled out your ten bucks to come in and listen to some dude speak. You are never REQUIRED to contribute and shit, they will probably help you out if you happen to be down on your luck. What do they use all that money for anyway? Most of the people I know that are paid by the church drive shitty cars and live in the ghetto. I guess it pays for all the pairs of glasses they give to kids in impoverished countries that can’t see, or use it to build schools and provide job training for people who have had their legs blown up in Bosnia, or sending doctors and dentists to provide health care, or building potable water wells so kids don’t get sick by taking a sip. All delivered by the volunteers that pay their own way and risk their health and well being to get there. These are the people that grind away with little funds head to the ground, sweating, digging in the dirt and trying to make a difference, fixing bikes for kids in the hood all day then going to their real jobs. All deeds going completely under the radar, never asking for recognition or even a pat on the back. All because they believe and feel it is the right thing to do. Sound familiar?

However, according to George they are all idiots and dumbasses because they fail to see the truth that they should be living for themselves instead of doing all these good things in the name of God. Morons, don't they realize they can buy more worthless plastic crap at Wal-Mart! Are there bad apples, no doubt, do people take advantage? Sure nuff. Just like every other element of society, bad people do bad things. We just notice it more because they are disguised as someone that is supposed to be unfaultable. People have the free will to do Good or Bad, and unfortunately, people will be “Very, Very Bad” like Basso. Do we throw out the baby with the bath water? I don’t think so. There are hundreds and thousands of Churches in this world that work like this…..stay small….don’t get attention…work under the radar. Lets talk about them….oh….you don’t know about them…..exactly!

One thing is certain in this world. There will always be a battle between good and evil. McEwen vs. Petacchi, Axis and Allies, Superman and Lex Luthor, the little devil and the little angel on your left and right shoulder. Can we see Good and Evil? No…but, you can seen the results of it, just like you can’t see the Wind, but you can sure as hell feel it. We know what is good, because we can see, feel, and taste what is bad. People have the gift of free will and as such God and Religion must be viewed as two different things. Unfortunately, they can be connected by anybody that makes the claim. Does the paradox exist? Yes……..but the puzzles of life make it so much fun. How boring would things be if everything was provided for you, including truth. And besides I am not so sure George is someone that the world needs to be taking moral lessons from, but he did say this…..Which I find to be true..

"Things that you want to change in the world have to start inside yourself. You can't just acquiesce. You can't be at the mall, with a fannypack on, scratching your nuts, buying sneakers with lights in them. You have to be thinking. You have to be resisting. You have to be talking."

So True……....State your case and make your claims to try and prove a point.

RK said...

I think this is an interesting place to start (link below)...fact is people pay attention to money, especially when it's no longer rolling in, and those in charge of the greatest religious-based fiscal initiatives are not concerned with alms for the poor,etc. No more so than those who built those beautiful ruby/diamond/gold decorated churches in, say for example, Venice, while its lay folk were living in squalor yet giving what little they had to those building those churches were. Not much has changed.

Sure, if you want to be blindly idealistic about it, you aren't "REQUIRED" to contribute, but when it's posed to the many people who feel helpless and seek out "salvation" that they can only get it through contributions, isn't that just another way of making it a (spiritual) requirement? Let's be honest here. Oh, and, yes, there really ARE that many stupid people here. Just as there are people willingly killing themselves shoving McDonalds and transfats down their gullets b/c that's what tastes best.

Anonymous said...

The duality of life.
Freak'n angry, zealous born-agains. The worst. one minute they are _ and the next, preachers. can smell them a mile away.

Everyone can have their view. George had one that provokes thought. "god"-forbid

banks said...

ljt, hear hear.

Hooptie said...

"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people."

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

this excellent discussion needs more play.

i hope i have more time for a post on it soon.