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Thursday, May 17, 2007


this is the kind of crap that just pisses me off ...

i'll hope to get the inside scoop from ChrisB at some point about what this is all about, but for now ... i'll just say, this kid is a fukking idiot.

You win a stage in a major European race and cross the line in one of the better moments of exposure for your long-term sponsored American team, and you pull this shit?

Fired. Immediately.

How long has Navigators been in the sport, 10 years? Yeah, maybe they're not a bunch of superbrains managing that outfit, but the COMPANY has put money into the US side of the sport for a long time and get this shit on them? No way.

I don't care if he's pissed with the team. Don't care if he was made to scrub his own chamois and Van Ulden's dirty scraps ta'boot. i don't care if that boy had his gawdamn bike hid in some field 'cuz they didn't like the look or smell of him. This Uzbeck cock crosses the line in one of the team's bigger wins and pulls up the jersey to cover the Navigator name?

fuk him. you treat the money like that, nobody will sign you - dipshit.

i'll say it again, "just because you're fast on a bike, don't mean you get to be an asshole."


dr-nitro said...

Okay, just a guess, but it looks as though he is wearing a leader's jersey or points or something. Might he have been trying to make his numbers show or something or another?

If not, he is certainly saying fire me.

Chico Cyclist said...

Suddenly, I'm having visions of Alexi Grewal!!

Anonymous said...

too bad FLandis didn't do this a few more times during the 2006 TdF. Phonak might still be around.

In the end Navigators will get more exposure from this douchey move. Perhaps he is just a marketing genius. Why else would anyone in this country care about a standard 2 armed salute from Sergey at Rheinland-Pfalz Rundfahrt?

How about GLemond? The dogs have picked up the scent. LA better find a good place to hide.


jAndy donka-donk said...

Yeah looks like a "oops I forgot my vest is on" and showed his number last minute......

Still pretty retard since the Nav would be across the chest of the green jersey....

Brent said...

yikes, even if it was raining or trying to show his numbers you'd think he dump his jersey before the finish.
Damn rookies.

shawndoggy said...

yeah f this post olaf... we've got to get commenting on Lemond's testimony at the Landis hearing. It sounds all Perry Mason & shit. Their pic Flandis just says "I'm skeeee-rewed!"

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

stage 1 - no jersey underneath.

RPR is a big race.

More importantly, it's one of the few big Euro races Navigators have one.

and, it's a dramatic picture to use for the sponsors ... or, would have been.

the bike, the shoes, the helmet, the clothing, the COMPANY all could have used that picture in promo shots.

now, nothing.


it's all about marketing.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oof, i've been totally out of the loop with the Lemond bangings.

somebody fill a brotha in.

shawndoggy said...

LeMond says Landis admitted doping
By Jason Sumner
This report filed May 17, 2007

Three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond testified under oath Thursday that Floyd Landis admitted to illegal doping during a cell phone conversation last August.

Lemond appeared at Pepperdine law school on Thursday

photo: Agence France Presse - 2007
According to LeMond, he and Landis had a lengthy conversation last August where LeMond advised the 2006 Tour champ that if he was guilty of illegal doping, it would be best for him and the sport to come clean. LeMond said that Landis responded by asking "What good would it do?"

LeMond went on to reveal that he told Landis that keeping dark secrets can ruin one's life, then relayed his own story of being sexually abused as a child, a story LeMond said he had shared with very few people and never spoke of publicly until Thursday at the arbitration hearing at Pepperdine University.

The drama continued when LeMond, under direct questioning from USADA attorney Matt Barnett, said he received a phone call Wednesday night from a mysterious caller, who identified himself only as "Uncle Ron."

LeMond said he was perplexed at first, but that changed to concern when the caller made direct references to the conversation about sexual abuse that he had with Landis last August. The three-time Tour champ said the caller quickly hung up, and when LeMond redialed he got a voicemail message identifying himself as "Will."

LeMond said he tried calling back several times, finally getting an answer from someone who identified themselves only as "Bill." The conversation was inconclusive, and LeMond hung up and then called police. A subsequent check of the phone number that was saved on LeMond's mobile phone revealed that it belonged to Landis's business manager Will Geoghegan.

USADA counsel Barnett then pointed Geoghegan who was present in the courtroom, seated directly behind the Landis legal team.

Barnett proceeded to place a Witness Tampering report against Geoghegan up in the courtroom's overhead projector. Witness tampering is a felony in most states, including California. Meanwhile, Landis defense team's lead attorney Maurice Suh spent several minutes conferring with Geoghegan, whose face and neck were noticeably red.

Landis listens to former Tour winner Greg LeMond testify on Thursday.

photo: Agence France Presse - 2007
Throughout it all, Landis sat off to the left of his legal team, a blank expression on his face. The '06 Tour champ was dressed in all black (tie, shirt and suit), following three days during which he had sported a yellow tie, but said privately he would wear black if and when LeMond testified.

Barnett stepped aside, and the floor was turned to Landis attorney Howard Jacobs. Jacobs quickly trained his line of questioning to the very public dispute LeMond has had with seven-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong. This brought a quick objection from USADA's Barnett, who claimed the Armstrong-LeMond squabble and testimony LeMond gave in a civil case between Armstrong and a Texas-bases insurance company had no bearing on the matters in Malibu.

LeMond's own attorney, also present at the hearing, told the three-person arbitration panel that would not permit his client to speak about the Armstrong matter.

Jacobs countered by asking the panel to strike all of LeMond's testimony if he could not pursue the line of questioning. That led the panel to call a 15-minute recess to discuss what course to take.

miracle 2

This page printed from:

Anonymous said...

from Pro-Ho

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i have no response.

can someone please get me an aspirin?

my mind is totally getting fucked by all this ridiculousness.

and i thought the Euro's had the market cornered on dipshittery in cycling.

... oh man, this is just ...

let me just process for a few moments.

laughing - check.

pity - got it.

just end up shaking my head and looking that more forward to enjoying Kern County with the women.

the true lovers of the sport.

jAndy donka-donk said...

My bad, I think it is a national champ jersey and he was showing his number under the vest......

and the Lemond story is just pure comedy....

shawndoggy said...

What dumbass publicly denies doping but admits it to GL of all gum-flapping loudmouths?

What dumbass makes a threatening phone call to someone's cell phone with his own phone (citing facts back which backup veracity of said gum flapper's story)?

They're gonna call Geoghegan and he's gonna take the 5th (at a doping hearing!).

dr-nitro said...

Apparently Landis fired the dumbass on the spot. That said, big damage done.

Grey said...

everyone else must do what i do: see the news flash on cyclingnews and come here.


i mean, who doesn't know that basically all cell phones have caller id?

let's see if they try the "i was drinking beer and whisky last night" defense on this one.

Anonymous said...

That jersey thing, nothing that a little Photoshoppery couldn't fix...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

the trailer-trashification of American cycling.

right where it should be.

ok, hands up for anyone getting freaked out by this entire ordeal.

Anonymous said...

that brings us back to the topic:

"it's all about marketing"

I am a bit saddened to hear this from you Olaf. What about "death or glory?" Maybe the logos are what got us right where we should be...dealing with Floyd, Jan and Uncle Ron.


Anonymous said...

Olaf - so where is your trek bike like most of the rest of your old man team has... your the Lagutin of the safeways team.

the guy has his vest on over his national champs jersey. he is probably delighted right at that moment, he is a young kid..give him a break. i'd say the tv coverage in Germany and other parts of europe will be more than navigators could have hoped for.

ginmtb said...

Okay, after sorting through our set of photos, we finally found the truth:

Real jersey

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...


Gin is GOOD!

Chris said...

It was raining and his numbers were pinned to the jersey. But he had a 16-second gap, so it's not like they would confuse him with somebody else.

But he's old-school Soviet, and they drill rules into their heads from day one.

But he's been a pro four years, and in Europe almost eight.

Not sure. Waiting for a response. Team must be happy with the win but management must be a bit puzzled, to say the least. Ironically, the Navs promo-calendar has Sergey as the May pin-up, arms in a vee, winning a stage in, I think, Utah last year.

Anonymous said...

As soon as another american wins the tour Lemond trys to take them down to prove his status as the best american cyclist of all. He should take a lesson from the class of cyclists, Merckx, who refused to get mixed up in this circus. If USADA'a scientific evidence were convincing they would never have brought the whiner Lemond in! Shut up and ride! Philip

Anonymous said...

Hey guys and gals,

I just saw on Cycling News that there's this long race in Italy named after a sandwich thingy. Looks pretty cool. Check it out.