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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

adventure-boy idiot-boos

My tuesday~

  1. can't get out of bed in time to do the dishes ... from last Thursday.
    laundry still scattered half-done somebody gassed the gnomes in mid-fold.
    cat successfully kicked.

  2. work is jagged, stuttering, mishap after dipshittery ... and i don't have time to scribble anything goofball on the interwebial notepad, either ~ so, i'm pissed.

  3. lunch'ervals consist of telling LobsterPaul he's f'ing nutz for doing a double-century over the weekend and that if he sprints me after something like that i'll knock him off his gawdamn bike.

    then some kid makes me go waaay faster up the stupid boonydoon climb than my body wants.

    then we're doing the ocean tail 12t homeward-hustle on hwy 1 and i ask Katty Tobin if she's feeling frisky. she bites, and jumps, and we get a hellall gap on the gasping bigmeats. she takes a strong pull just to show the buggers off the back she deserves to be there, then plants herself on my train as i take her to the city limit.

    she roached me in the sprint.

  4. more spinning wheels at work with nothing but tread on the forehead for the trouble.

  5. jet out of work a half-hour late to try and make it to SanJoser this week to see my honey race their t-crits on the Coyote Creek course. i'm pushing 7 gajillion watts up East Zayante, waxing self-congratulatory on my ability to "stay on top of the 27t" through the retarded switchbacks.

    sweetie had told me to take a left, then a right at the top of the climb, which would drop me down to lost gatos, or something.

    well ... i'm having too much fun making my own chamois creme up the climbs and pass one turn, then another ... and ended up climbing west when i should have been descending east. ... then i broke a rear spoke.


    swung around, backtracked for miles and found a driveway that said "try me." Dripped and rear-waggled my ass down a swithcy-wacked descent with the rear brake engaging every 2 meters and end up somewhere down by a freeway that i think i have to cross.

    hop fence, toss dirt on some dog-walkers, and eventually kick another Gatos successfully and try and ride the hooptie rear wheel to Sabine's crit.

  6. have great italian food.

all in all ... a good day.


PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

you seem to have found that hobby you were looking for: cat kicking....

odd, but acceptable.

Heather said...

Sabine raced a crit on Tuesday? After Kern? Jeezuz.

Todd said...

Too bad you didn't make the SJBC tuesday night affair...Pasco raced with us and had fun mixing it up in a few attacks

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i'll make one of them. have to sneak out of the office before 4 to stand a chance.

... and not get lost.

these are great training for Sabine. cool that they do 'em.

Jr. Curmudgeon said...

Remind me to never do a ride with you if you are leading. You need to go to naviguesser school!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i could get lost trying to find my ass with toilet paper

Jr. Curmudgeon said...

Even with a map?
Actually your ride sounded like great cyclocross training!

Flandria said...

you need a route sheet...

Anonymous said...

I thought you had to be a SJBC member in order to do the tuesday nite crits?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yeah, $40 bucks to join + $5 per race (insurance coverage thing).

le ouch.

but, it's good training, so might as well give 'em some dough.

Todd said...

yeah, $40 to join is cheap to give you a summer of full races at five bucks a pop. plus, the circuit is almost 2 miles with a bit of everything: killer headwinds from the north on the back straight, small climb on the front straight & free drinks after the race.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

and don't forget the wine prime (that Pasco won and donated to the hernando/sabine debauchery program)