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Friday, April 20, 2007

the truth of youth ... kiddie blog spotting

Sea Otter (My Parents Race Bikes There)

From Friday of last week to Sunday I was at the Sea Otter bike racing (actually, my parents Morgan and Lauren were). We bounced on this thing that makes you bounce high.

There is 4 bouncy tents. And a rock climbing wall, a shooting game. (I don't like playing the shooting game). And you can eat breakfast there, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes the sea otter is fun and somethimes it isn't.

One day it was raining so hard that it like flooded 3 or 4 inches. The sea otter, you can sometimes make friends. But sometimes it's kind of lonely. Last time we did bring our bikes but we didn't bring our scooters.
ayup ... that sounds about right.


lauren said...

i like the bouncy things too.

trac said...

oh my god i'll never forget the year they had a bouncy house where the kiddies had to crawl in through a buttcrack looking thingy. Traumatized for life! I think VB has pictures somewhere.

Velo Bella said...


Anonymous said...

Thats a urethra not a buttcrack.

trac said...

aHAHA oh yes that's the one.

and I guess in the picture it does look rather... urethric.

Ippoc Amic said...

i just saw pizza...and "sometimes it's kinda lonely" sums up all my racing experiences at the otter....