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Monday, April 23, 2007

trade secrets

well ... i'm glad to see that RKillit enjoyed his Wente RR win. I can't stand it when Pro's show up to local glory ponds and just shake off their victories with a "yeah ... of course i did".
- - -

Speaking of ...

So ~ gawdamn Phipps looks like he is slowly, but surely, getting some patience drilled into his head. Not enough to save him from destruction, mind you ~ but enough to make him a real danger now. Sigh. I guess i'm going to have to start pulling down a few more bags of tricks from the hidden shelves.

And, i don't even want to talk about how strong Metcalf is looking nowadays. Next weekend we have the Madera stage race down Lieboldian way and it's going to be something like 2 dozen Disco boys vs a severely weakened and Bisbee-fied BagBoy outfit. shyte.

ah well. At least there'll be a handful of CVC yayhoos to mess up the machinery.
- - -

Anyway, i was babbling about Wente.

So, true 'nuff ... this was one wicked little battle amongst us baby-geezers this weekend. The first couple laps were to form with a bunch of high-speed attacks with no chance of surviving the higher-speed pack levels. But it was fast, mes amis.

somebody must have passed out the pre-race viagra, yo.

The final laps were cardiac-arrest intense with high-volt hits up the climbs and loads o' launches on any of the flat spots. There was a group of 5 up the road that Zteam's Phipps smartly bridged across to. Soon after, StanleyMorgan's DelValley went nutzack on a little hill and split off a handful of riders with him. The race was on like pong and only the strong could get across to the lead group at this point. Of course, they all did.


The start of the final lap saw a vicious pace by DiscoGeezer Innes up the main climb. His evil teammate Metcalf launched something ugly near the top and about ripped a new dimension open. i hate him.

luckily, Taz was able to cover everything and CWire made the move to ... so, we ended up having decent BagBoy representation in a working group of a baker's dozen going into the finale. Into those last agonizing miles of headwinds and nasty drags, Taz and I went to work hitting the group with body blow after body blow. We sought out kidneys, livers ... hell, if i'd have known where the spleen was, i reckon i'd have went for it all nashy-teethed and pitbull. we just kept at it, making all the principles chase and chase and chase.

CVC's Boschinator went wicked on us in the final few K's. He was off and turning a couple thousand watts against the false-flats and i pretty much was hoping one of those brappity-brap motorcycles would have missed one of their hooptie jumps and landed on his burly ass.

I could feel Sasser giggling behind, urging us to chase his teammate down and giving him the free-ride. Well ... fine, you bag of nails. See if you can beat our protected boy, CWire. And lo, as we turned the knife up that piece of shit finishing hill, there was Bosch in our teeth with a small group finish taking 'best man honors' up those suffer-filled last few minutes.

EMC's die-hard Parks set the pace, and Phipps was a go-er, but it was Sasser who launched out first ... playing right into CWire's hands. The big hit went and no one had the response.

V for blondie and we were nothing but pleased.

but fukkal, peoples ... that shit was hard-earned.

good. hard. race.


nosajpalnud said...

holy crap - cool write ups

gonna have to bring a machine gun mounted on the bars to the next race...

McSassy said...

I'd say that was right on........

And you know what I said when Wire hit the burners after my not so wise long try for the win.

Fine win for the Bagboys and crazy good times.

Now if we can just keep Madera from coming down to the TT all will be right in the world.


banks said...

Great report. Thank you.