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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday away from hell

Sea Otter ride ... fun shyte.
(locals only, yo)

the day started with the AJM getting all engineering on us about things like 'high speed turning radius' and 'cubic capacity something-erother.'

i can't begin to understand what this guy is talking about.

we hopped on the bikes and cruised around the Seca farmlands.

then we followed Chancerific as he wheelied around the universe.

then we rolled around in the dirt and giggled like kids.

it was beautiful ... swimming in greenly lush fields of paradise.

here's my darling ~ just having a blast.

here's the one, the only ... Berry Mafioso Gallino

and ... JoJo.


PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

those bikes look so slow and heavy with those big fat tires...are they really any fun to ride?

X Bunny said...

i think i need another recoverita just seeing people on bikes today

McSassy said...

Wish I had a norba license!!!!


Anonymous said...

WTF! Suck in that gut Gallino!

I don't recall authorizing that!


marscat said...

i wanna ride on those trails...they look so lovely

Cal Giant Cycling said...

Your fired Briggs you washed up bum!!

Velo Bella said...


what a fun Sunday

And an honor to ride with some of the berry clan. And thanks for the yummy strawberries after the ride.

And Anthony needs to get out and ride with mortals sometimes. He told me he was a slow climber, but thats only because he's riding with fast pros all the time. Dude can ride a bike.

lauren said...

yay! that sounds like it was fun!

Velo Bella said...

GoGoJoJo Juice